Windows Nashville Build 999

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Windows Nashville Build 999

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  • There was also a build 1056, which was leaked by someone on BetaArchive back in 2014, but it's probably not 100% real. Build 999 is pretty much the only "real" build for Windows Nashville.

  • Build 1056 is just a Plus! pack based around Nashville's features.

  • yes, how exactly do i install? rebooting just left the vm on a black screen with a blinking gray line.

  • Please correct installation instructions. I can't get upgrade from Windows 95 OSR2, I'm upgrading it from Windows 3.1.

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    Nashville installs easily as an upgrade from Windows 95 OSR2 in PCem, but it will not upgrade if Windows 95 is installed on a FAT32 partition.

  • Thanks for clarifying this. Nashville does not support FAT32. Updated the entry.

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