Microsoft Publisher Design Pack 1

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Microsoft Publisher Design Pack 1

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  • I've tested these packs and think they should be reorganized:

    Each pack consists of clip art graphics, fonts and design templates.

    "Microsoft Publisher Design Pack" (1992)
    – internally called DP1, so it's pack #1
    – available for Publisher 1.0 (dated 1992, smaller total size) or Publisher 2.0 (dated 1994, larger total size)
    – the version for Publisher 1.0 requires Windows 3.0, comes with Microsoft Draw that did not exist when Pub 1.0 was released
    – the version for Publisher 2.0 requires Windows 3.1, omits Microsoft Draw that is now included in Pub 2.0

    "Microsoft Publisher Special Ocassions Design Pack" (1993)
    – internally called DP2, so it's pack #2
    – only released for Publisher 2.0, requires WIndows 3.1
    – further added a new holiday card assistant
    – included in "Publisher 2.0 CD-ROM Edition and Special Occasions Design Pack"

    "Microsoft Publisher StyleLine Design Pack" (probably 1994)
    – internally called DP3 or DPSTYLE, so it's pack #3
    – only released for Publisher 2.0, requires WIndows 3.1
    – introduced the concepts of borders and paper textures

  • Introduction to DP2:

    Introduction to DP3:

    (Sadly, Publisher itself won't run in my DosBox, so I can't show no inside pics …)

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