x86-pong - PC-Booter-Game (DOS+BIOS-only) in C


i want to show a small project to interested users here, maybe there are some...

This game does not use any DOS-Services, only BIOS interrupts. It runs on bare-metal PCs using a floppy "com loader" program.
I used dev86/bcc as compiler. I'm using inline assembler to connect to BIOS, for example:

void _kbhit() {
        mov ah, #0x00   ; read keyboard, blocking
        int 0x16

This game was more like a excercise for me and to build me a toolchain, and get used to it, for an AM186 system, that I am working on.

If you're interested in that it is worth taking a look at:

There's some more documentation and the whole code is ~450 lines, the game logic itself is below
100 lines.


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