eleBrowser II: A simple web browser written with Electron

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GitHub: [Dead Link]
Screenshot: [Dead Link]

Uses Electron and Material Design Lite. As of now there are no "download and run" binaries available. I'm working on this. For now, follow the directions in the GitHub readme.


  • Simple interface.
  • Works on macOS and Windows without any changes. It most likely works on Linux too, but I haven't tested it there yet.
  • An actual menubar-- something certain modern browsers lack these days. Can be used all the time, even in YouTube's full-screen mode (hit ALT to show it when in fullscreen).
  • Working omnibox with the ability to search with any search engine of your choice (not just Google or Bing or whatever).
  • Having a home page with a big honking search bar and ads for various products is not a requirement. You can set it to about:blank without any hassle.
  • Does not spy on your browsing activity or "phone home"; in fact, the history isn't even saved to disk at all.

Feedback, comments, pull requests, etc. are appreciated.

As to why it's called eleBrowser II and not just eleBrowser, the original eleBrowser was something I hacked together in Xcode a few years ago that never really worked well enough. Besides, it was for macOS only and looked more like a kid's "browser" they put together in VB or WinForms than a fleshed-out idea.


  • Looks good my friend. I would like to use it myself if it ever gets released to the masses :) And by its simplicity, I'll guess that it doesn't take up too much RAM, yes?

    Also, menubar yay! :D

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