all downloads and mirrors wont work

i tested the ip, it was correct and julian bubbles and lahey have a server disallowed and ricky came up with this potentially invalid download ID i dont understand?


  • I did a WHOIS lookup on your IP and see you're using a satellite internet provider.

    Satellite-based ISPs are renown for using CGNAT and other network shenanigans which interfere with our anti-leech system. Unfortunately there's no immediate solution; as I'm mentioned previously an improved anti-leech/hotlink system is in the works which isn't so finicky.

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    Maybe ask a trusted friend to download the file you want (assuming he/she doesn't have satellite internet) and give it to you on a flash drive.

    @Duff we could prompt the user to solve a CAPTCHA (every time he/she attempts a download) if and only if the anti-leech system detects a discrepancy. There are many benefits to this. You can use the same CAPTCHA generator from the login form (although you might want to increase the complexity a bit).

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    I'm in China and trying to download something and getting the same thing...

    I tried it from a server in the USA and also got:

    Failed to download Abandonware Applications/PC/Microsoft FORTRAN
    PowerStation 4.0 (4.00.523).7z from IP 172.86.179.XXX (Server

    So yeah... :(

  • Same problem here, it seems this only started when they re-designed the website. Must be a new anti-leech system. Rip Hotspot users.

  • These download issues started with the move to the database system and distributed mirrors a number of years back. But the main problem really is crappy ISPs are increasingly doing dirty things.

  • But don't they do because the avaible IP range is getting smaller with tons of more devices connected to the net?

  • I checked my IP Address and all of them came back correct, yet, the download link wouldn't show up

  • I have the same problem. Tells me I have downloaded 0 out of 25 for the day but does not allow me to download. I think I have a standard setup, the isp IP is assigned to a router and lots of private devices/ip addresses behind the router. Does configuration itself mean I can never download/upload?
    In order to make this question/comment. I registered. Like some comments suggest, after registering and signing in the comment page did not let me leave a comment. It said howdy stranger, then displayed the name I was logged in and told me to choose a button (sign in or register). I clicked sign in 2 or three times within a second of each other and that option disappeared and I was allowed to comment.
    Then while filing out this comment, I went back through the download process to find/document the reported IP address for me. But the download started working. And the line says something like "you have downloaded 0 of 50 allowed".

    So for some of you don't give up. An unwritten requirement may be that you must register and keep signing in until you can leave a comment. Then you will be blessed with a download.

    Now for the question; What Is this leaching problem?

    Just wondering

    -- Sir Wonder.

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