The good, the bad, and the weird: thrift store oddities & lucky finds [PICS]

I know I can't be the only one who gets their retail therapy fix from thrift stores. So, here's a thread for sharing photos of your best and weirdest thrifty retro buys. (Flea markets etc. are fine too.)

Sound Traveler: speakers and microphone that adhere to the sides of your laptop screen. Powered by PS/2. NIB.

This... thing? I have no idea what this is. My current guess is that it's an office novelty gift. There's nowhere to put batteries in or even open the thing as far as I can tell. Maybe I'll rip off the rubber feet and see if there are screws under there.

My best find ever: Atari 1040STF in nearly perfect condition. I am still glowing about this.

Tandy-branded floppy disk organizer.

Here are two things I have previously posted about, but I thought I might as well include. If you are interested, I will probably post updates when I eventually work on them in that previous thread.
TRS-80 Model 4. Needs some TLC, and it's the most expensive thing I've ever bought from a thrift store, but I regret nothing.

NEC Multispeed EL, a 12-pound IBM-compatible laptop with twin 720k drives and, allegedly, 640k of RAM and an 8086 clone. This guy probably needs some love too but I'm not sure because I haven't found a compatible power supply yet.

Well, that's all my recent stuff, besides all the software crap I compulsively pick up. Oh, and an ISA modem that was shoved inside a big box program that I bought... it smells like mildew...

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