[OFFER] Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server SP6

Here I have the Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server Service Pack 6. It is not in the library, so, as obviously that edition has its own Service Packs, I share it.



  • Don't know if we really need all the freely redistributable service packs. Just a quick Google search for that file name and there is another site that seems to have it and some others here: http://ftp.gnome.org/mirror/archive/ftp.sunet.se/pub/security/vendor/microsoft/service-pack/

  • @SomeGuy said:
    Just a quick Google search for that file name and there is another site that seems to have it and some others

    That site includes only the English and German Service Packs, not any other. Several SPs in several languages are rarest than other, eg. NT4 TS SP6 in spanish was nearly impossible to me to find, and it's a similar case with some service packs.

    The reason I think the site should include the SPs in the library is because this site is quite popular, and people may come here searching for the SPs in their own language. In short, it would make it easier to other people to find the right SPs.

    Also some time ago I saw a post regarding whether the page could or could not be translated, and the short answer was no, because of several problems with the database and so on. But I remember seeing something about Google Translate, and I think it wouldn't take much if you could embbed a little link to GT to translate the page quickly, it could be a great solution with little effort. Just suggesting...

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    Just to add, that site that SomeGuy mentions contains the "SP5" of Windows NT 4.0 Terminal Server. There is a text that says it, and I tried it too. SP6 (English) that I share I found it in a similar site. Sometimes you have to see what the sites contain, because anyone can make mistakes.

  • hey @Andre Morales you've helped me a lot to install the SP6 for NT 4 TS. I've build a virtual Computer museum completely browserbased with vmware and guacamole. Everything worked with NT 4 TSE thx to you! kind regards from switzerland
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