Win98 nvidia drivers problem

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I have an old machine running a P3 550Mhz with 256 MB of RAM and a Geforce 2 MX 400 64MB

When i install the official driver from the nvidia page absolutely NOTHING 3D accelerated works. Even the 3D Maze gives an error. I tried formatting the computer, tried with earlier drivers(With this ones the maze works tho :/) and no game seems to detect any 3D compatible gpu, also the Direct3D tests on dxdiag dont work. Starting Vice City for example gives me an error because "Cannot find enough video memory". I dont know what to do.


  • Which driver version exactly do you use?
    Look when a game was released and find drivers from 1 or 2 years after that.

  • Im using the lastest one that is from 2005. With that drivers even 3D maze gives an error idk why. Then i tried some earlier versions and none of them seem to work. The AGP slot is 2X btw

  • After troubleshooting a little bit, no matter what version of windows 98 i use. If i install the lastest drivers 81.98 from 005(I tried Geforce 2 400 Geforce 4 420 and Geforce FX4000) it says the gpu has something like 2-3Gb of vram(Wtf?) and if i use the first driver of each gpu, it kinda works but everything with lot of bad graphics(Everything grey, flickering a lot.. unstable and awful), also tried some versions in-between but with those it stats saying that they have an insane amount of vram and no game works.

    Tried with ATI gpus and everything working perfectly, also with other brand(Like Trio3D) and perfectly working. So maybe the drivers of nvidia are bad? Maybe they doesnt work because im using W98 SE and not FR?, tried the spanish version(mine) and also the usa/english version of SE and both with the errors i explain above.

  • Maybe there are some BIOS setup options affecting AGP?

  • @sdose said:
    Maybe there are some BIOS setup options affecting AGP?

    I tried with 2 different set-ups, one with a Pentium 3 550 370(Lastest bios). ANd the other one Pentium 3 Slot 1, both the exact same problem, but perfectly working with AMD and other brands cards

  • Drivers ive hung onto:

    high compatibility and stability:

    Nvida Detonators 3082_win9x
    forceware 56.64_win9x_english

    optimised drivers but i think these are >XP, worth a try (omegas are brilliant):

    not sure about this one:

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