[offer] Original Microsoft titles. Any use to anyone?

Just finished typing up a list of all my old microsoft cds. All original discs and wondered if anyone is interested?
To be honest I don't want to get into making .iso files of all these and to avoid potential legal issues would prefer to sell the whole caboodle to someone who can use them. I have no idea if they are worth anything or if I am deluding myself thinking I can actually sell this stuff. I just hope to recoup a little of what I paid over the years.

Here's the list in LibreOffice Calc format.

All are in excellent condition and have been stored in a very big cd case for years. No original boxes or manuals, just the discs. There are some duplicates too but I haven't included them in the list.

Are any of these interesting?


  • Yes, please do share as much as you can.

    For example, if it's not a problem, can you share now the Microsoft Flight Simulator for Windows 95 Expansion Pack? I've been looking for that CD on eBay for a few years. Glad you still have it with you.

    Still, if the admins agree or have no issues, try sharing the whole lot or as much as you can. I would hate to see all that golden treasure of software get lost in obscurity.

  • I guess if some of these are useful I don't mind making a few iso files after all they are years old now. Is there an upload area on here?

  • Unfortunately not yet. You have to provide your own area and then share the links here, as the website is still barebones in functionality, and the admins don't have an ETA for the upload functionality.

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    I'm very interested in a CD dump/image (.iso, .dmg, etc.) from:

    Complete Gardening
    Reader’s Digest Complete Do-It-Yourself Guide
    Julia Child
    Multimedia Stravinsky – the Rite of spring

    These titles are quite rare today and have not been available as CD images before.

    If you want to upload at MEGA, make sure that the uploads are not bigger than 2GB each, or MEGA will disable downloading via webbrowser.

    Thanks in advance :smiley:

  • Please share them all!

  • @geo9 Please, share as much as you can. I'm really keen on taking a look at Microsoft's Flight Simulator 2000! Thanks in advance!

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