I've been testing out a Discord server for WinWorld, as a supplement/replacement for IRC. #winboards has been more or less dead for months.

The goal is more community engagement, hopefully by Discord lowering the barrier for younger/less experienced users who've never used IRC before.

Discord Benefits

  1. Easy to use web client or dedicated client.
  2. Scrollback capability. In other words you can disconnect, come back later, and read any missed conversations or private messages. This is only possible on IRC if you never disconnect or have the ability to set up a bouncer like ZNC.
  3. Reliability. IRC networks are prone to 'splits' where half of a channel's users disappear until the server relinks with the network.
  4. In-line media. For example, the ability to quickly share media like screenshots without having to go to an external file hosting site is a big plus.

Of course it's not without it's downsides, it is a proprietary product and requires a Discord account. Given that many people don't want yet another account, or simply dislike Discord, an IRC-Discord bridge is being setup so you will be able to participate in Discord from IRC and vice versa.

Okay, I want in!

More advanced functionality like bots and the IRC bridge are not yet present, I hope to have them setup in the next day or two. In meantime, the invite below is permanent and unlimited, so feel free to share it around.



  • I once suggested a Discord server for this place before and, good that it's now being considered. However, I don't use the program itself anymore but I think I'll get it again for this.

    But can I just ask though, would we have the same discussions as we do here and, is there an off-topic section allowed? Just curious, you know. Thanks for adding this in, Duff :)

  • Serious public discussions should take place on the forum. As should requests for software/hardware support. More people will be able to see and answer your question and discussions are preserved for others to search at a later time.

    I only ever found IRC useful for handling site issue (site down, can't log in, can't e-mail, etc.).

  • How will you be doing the IRC bridge? The discord-irc npm package?

  • Indeed, the Discord like IRC is meant more for general banter, random comments/questions and community engagement. As SomeGuy said serious discussions should take place here in a dedicated topic.

    @Totengeist That's the plan, yes. Just need to write the config file and it should be operational.

  • I was actually planning on using a "web" client for IRC because ChatZilla doesn't work with the network, but it looks like I don't need to anymore.

  • Wow! I like how you finally decided to use Discord instead of IRC, because yeah, IRC is sort of becoming a phase, and a lot of websites use Discord rather than IRC now-a-days. I haven't seen people use Internet Relay Chat since, like, the early 2000's. I just joined your Discord server last night, and it seems pretty small, but I'm sure it'll grow as the time comes, and I hope to see some more WinWorld members join in the future.

    P.S. What's going to happen to the #winboards IRC now that we have a Discord server?

  • @JonathonWyble I was actually seeing a little bit of a resurgence of IRC usage, but I think that's because I frequent Freenode, which is apparently one of the few networks that has grown rather than shrunk. I'm curious if IRCv3 will have an effect at all, but I doubt it.

  • Yeah, I've actually switched mostly to discord these days. I was a long time IRC hold out, but being able to paste images and video links and have them displayed right in discord is nice. And it seems to meet with less resistance getting others to join and participate.

  • @JonathonWyble said:
    P.S. What's going to happen to the #winboards IRC now that we have a Discord server?

    It'll probably continue to exist until the last IRC users switch to Discord; essentially, a good amount of time.

  • I am also on IRC, not only #winboards, not only one server. Having a second client is not a good option and having a unresponsive, RAM hungry, browser all time open is not an option at all. So, I stick to IRC.

    It has worked for ages and will do for some more...
    Having screenshots in between I would love, but it's not that important for me...

    I recommend https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/BitchX for console and https://hexchat.github.io/ for GUI.

  • edited August 2018

    Just an update, Discord has proven wildly successful.

    The IRC bridge is working as intended; however I should note that this only gives you access to the #random-crap Discord channel, there are a couple others but for now there isn't much of importance going on in them.

    Additionally, if you're a long time member/VIP/etc and you're on Discord (particularly with a different alias, but even if it's the same), let me know so I can make a note of it and also give you "VIP" status on the Discord. This doesn't give you any perks for the time being, just a different color nickname.

  • @Duff said:
    Just an update, Discord has proven wildly successful.

    It sure has been, even though I've only been on your server for almost three weeks. And I seriously doubt that our Discord server will attract idiots, because I've been seeing a ton of maturity from other participants. I said that because one time you got worried that it will attract idiots, just like in IRC, but I digress.

  • You will see the occasional oddball on a Discord server anyway but most times, admins can deal with them quite easily.

    Also @sdose, mind I ask what browser you're using? And also to add, you can access the Discord server from the Discord desktop app that you can get. It's more responsive.

  • For occasional visits I could use a desktop app, hmm, but I think practically it keeps me away. I just have discovered there is IRC and as I am a IRC user for very long in a few networks, I have added #winboards to my client.

    Another question, maybe I didn't get this information (not native english speaker, some parts sometimes difficult ;) ). Is it wanted, that IRC get closed?

    If yes, what about the ability to use very old IRC clients on DOS, BeOS, ...?
    If no, forget that last question.

  • Don't worry, IRC isn't going anywhere. R-Type will be around for the foreseeable future and so long as it is, the #winboards IRC channel will exist. The IRC-Discord bridge will continue to exist so long as Discord's API allows it.

    That said, if you can use Discord, there are advantages, namely the ability to see and participate in other channels that aren't linked to IRC, as well as voice chat, though I've yet to see anyone use it.

  • edited August 2018

    Is Discord free or paid? #wondering

  • Discord is free for both users and us as a website to have one, you just have to create a free account.

    They have a premium 'Discord Nitro' subscription for users which gives you something like access to special emoticons and other nonsense for $5 USD/month, but I'd never recommend paying for something so trite.

  • Somehow OT:
    Here in germany discord get's some unwanted popularity, as racists in chemnitz used it for connecting each other.

    Years before there were internet forums, then whatsapp popped up, now they use discord...

  • @sdose said:
    Somehow OT:
    Here in germany discord get's some unwanted popularity, as racists in chemnitz used it for connecting each other.

    Yeah, it's become very popular for the right-wing, sad to say :\ And I guess Discord offering near-complete anonymity makes it worse also.

  • There's also a service/app/blah called Telegram. I do not know much about this, but I assume it also offers privacy.
    But one thing I know: occasionally I visit a friend in a squatted area. Most people there are left-wing activists. And most of these activists I would call weekend-warriors.
    I was talking to someone " .... i will send you a whatsapp message .... " and then discussions about whatsapp and the bad things about it arose.
    They always try to make me switch to Telegram. I have to answer always: "the only people I know using telegram are you guys. And the only guy from you I want to keep in touch is XY, he has whatsapp."

    After I left when this discussion arose the first time, they talked to him, "what about this guy?! blablabla."
    I am now an "offender" and not wanted there. But I give a shit. Not wanted is bullshit, because they don't tell me directly and they don't make me leave. They just tell me via 3rd person, that my speeches are offending and they stopped talking to me by intention.
    What the f**k? - You are taking someone's property, because you think this is your right. You are dressing like a violent mob and you refuse to talk to inconvinient/difficult people?

    It is quite funny to visit my friend, having a big smile to everyone, knowing that they are exploding in their minds, but not saying anything. My friend also does not give anything about this...

    This is what I relate to telegram and now I relate racists to discord, something went wrong I think :dizzy::wink:

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