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  • What is the difference between the "Apogee" and "Mindscape"?

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    @TheOneGoat According to 3DRealms staff, the Apogee version is the 1.4 re-release with no cheat codes.

    v1.4 was released, with cheat codes.
    v1.4 was re-released without cheat codes.
    v1.4g was released, with cheat codes.
    [...] v1.4g is functionally the exact same thing as the "original" v1.4.

    According to this, 1.4c includes a debug mode.

    Wolfenstein's last & latest version is 1.4g, which unfortunately has the infamous debug mode disabled, at the request of Apogee Software (what's with that, Apogee?). Fortunately for you, if you buy any of the retail versions I was just talking about, they give you a slightly earlier edition of 1.4 (1.4c I think), which has the debug mode enabled. What nice chaps!

    The only Google result for Wolfenstein 3D Mindscape is this software collection on Archive.org. I haven't downloaded this version since I own the game on GOG.com.

  • I have v1.4g from Apogee and to enter "Debug Mode" you start game as:
    You now have access to all the cheat codes.
    Not sure what the DieHard Wolfenstein Bunker note means, but the debug mode is not disabled.

  • But No Clipping Mode should still be disabled. The reason being they hid a secret message in one level behind a complex set of secret passages. You were supposed to call Apogee and use that codeword to get some special discount on some item.

  • I played and cleared all episode of this game without cheat or debuging mode.

  • Warning This Game Does Not Work on VirtualBox

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    @Corodan Denis said:
    Warning This Game Does Not Work on VirtualBox

    It works on PCem, 86Box, etc. Also it works in VPC. But note you need to have DOS 6 in order to run it

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    SistemaRayoXP said: "...you need to have DOS 6 in order to run it"

    I have v1.4 installed on PCem 13.1 with Dos 3.3. Everything seems to function properly, including Debug Mode (No Clipping Mode Disabled).

  • Well, I haven't tested with lower DOS versions, but it works for sure in DOS 6

  • @Corodan Denis said:
    Warning This Game Does Not Work on VirtualBox

    You can use DOSBox instead.

  • VirtualBox simply doesn't work at all. I tested it. DOSBox works great.
    If you turn on the "3D support", it still doesn't even work.
  • VMware player works perfectly.
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