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  • I am installing this in QEMU/KVM (virt-manager) and after inserting the second floppy i get a BSOD PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA. Can anyone help?
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    What options are you using in virt-manager? Here's a shell script I have for you to compare with:
    #!/usr/bin/env bash
    qemu-system-i386 \
    -M pc \
    -m 16M \
    -drive file="WinNT3.51.1057.qcow2",index=0,if=ide,format=qcow2,media=disk \
    -boot order=c,menu=on \
    -cpu 486 \
    -name "Windows NT 3.51.1057" \
    -device sb16 \
    -device VGA \
    -display sdl,gl=on \
    -rtc base=localtime
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    Installing 3.51 on VMWare is easy. Create a new VM using the Win 3.1 profile, HDD no bigger than 8GB, 16MB of RAM, add floppy and CD ROM and mount everything then instead of hitting play, instead click the drop down next to it and go "Power On To Firmware", go to the Advanced tab, change installed OS to Win95 and MPS from V1.4 to V1.1 then F10, save and reboot. Oh yeah, you must create a 2GB max partition when installing otherwise it won't boot.
  • i'm stuck at boot loop in vmware while trying to get a windows nt 3.51 vm! how do i fix it?
  • @swswe
    Vmware or virtualbox is not even recommended For Software thats from April 2001 or older. Use Emulation Software like Pcem or 86box or QEMU (QEMU is hard to setup but is only emulator i know that can emulate MIPS and PPC.)
  • you can run Windows 2000 in Virtualbox just fine as long its not more than 8 GB of storage (you cannot run Windows 95 and 98 on a vm on modern pcs) and u can run NT 4.0, NT 3.51 and earlier just fine. Windows 9x is compicated as i can run on my main pc just fine
  • What's the password for the vm?
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    @FuntimeTails It works well in VMWare 6.0 Compatibility. Try these:
    Compatibility: VMWare 6.0/5.0
    VM OS:Windows NT
    CPU:2 Core
    HDD:8G or smaller
    RAM:64M or higher
    1. Insert your MS-DOS bootdisk with CD-ROM driver/Install MS-DOS with 2G partition support
    2. Type"fdisk"in DOS prompt
    3. Create Primary and Extended Partition
    4. Format them
    5. (Install MSCDEX)
    6. Turn to your CD drive letter
    7. Type"cd i386"
    8. Type"winnt /b"or"winnt /x"
    9. Setup the Windows NT 3.51 and format C: to NTFS
    9.1 (Insert 3 setup bootdisk and boot from them if you type winnt/x in step 8)
    10. Enjoy your NT!
    11. (Get some unofficial driver)(Create a snapshot!)
    You may see"2 System Processors…”in boot screen.This is normal.Wait for Minutes.(Make sure the memory is same as your VM settings)
    Do not install Networks if you didn’t add the Network Adapter and setup it correct!
  • Please someone answer
    What is the password for the VM
    When I started the virtual machine with the VM file as the hard disk it asks for a password
    When I used the CDs or the floppies it says no bootable medium found (virtualbox)
  • Can somebody explain this? I Believe it's literally impossible to achieve that much colours on a 1995 monitor.
    Version: Workstation on 3.5 disks (no CD-ROM at all used.)
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    Dude, that's simply just 24-bit color depth, written in a different way.
    16777215 is the largest value that can be represented on 24-bits.
    Any VGA CRT monitor could handle any number of colors because it's analog tech.
    The limitations were on the digital (computer) side.
  • @Makkt Thanks, the configuration for VMWare works!
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