[OFFER] MSDN 16bit Operating Systems (DOS5-6.22, Win3.1/11/Wfw), SDKs, Tools in A LOT of languages

2 very interesting CDs out of my MSDN-CD-pile.


I wrote a list for both links and made file lists (txt) for a quick overview.


  • Can I see a Screenshot?

  • Screenshot for these CDs would be a few different Win3.x and a few more, so I didnt take screenshots. I thought a list would be enough.

    dev-stuff is often a lot of archives and code, so screenshots a pretty useless in this case.

  • to the OP. Can you provide more info on these MSDN dics. LIke what's the Microsoft serial number for them? I scan of the CD media will be sufficient

  • There is no serial needed and I dont have a scanner. As there is nothing interesting on those CDs I omitted pictures.

  • Let the people be the judge for themselves, as to wether the CD pictures are interesting or not.

    I am not talking about serial/license keys. Rather, the serial product numbers that are usually imprinted on the CD media. This helps identify the Microsoft product dumped, and compare the checksums to that known of the original media.

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    Let the people doing the actual work judge, if they want to do the work or not.

    You've should have looked better, the number you are talking about is on it's title: #96791. It was before they used X00-00000-format.

    And did you even read that I have no scanner?

  • sdose,

    One should not bother doing a job unless they are willing to do it well. Especially considering,
    one is doing that in their free time (those is, they are not forced to digitize the media under
    the threat of a paycheck), and that the internet is littered with half-assed
    dumps done by the f*cking kids. You may not have access to a scanner, digital camera or a cellular phone
    equipped with a camera, and that is fine. You could have taken the 60 seconds to create a text file that
    distinctly identifies the media you had dumped, but, according to your last post, you are too important
    to be bothered with that sort of a trivial task.

  • Like said, I did type in EVERYTHING to identify. Are you not able to read?
    It identifies as written in it's title on archive.org:

    MSDN #96791 -April 1997- 16Bit Operating Systems

    This is ALL that is written on this CD. Also I did a complete list of all directories containing the stuff on the download page. All the information someone needs is there.

    Did you even go there and read? Just because you've never seen such a CD and you don't belive that's all, you're bothering people with your bullshit-view of life.

    And it is a proper dump - even without media scans. It is not about being too important to do this - it is just not possible with the stuff I have at home.

    And please let me decide if I carry it elsewhere to scan. I have another 450 CDs here already ripped to disk, that ALL want to be scanned one day. How to choose which one first? Ah yes of course, it is obvious. I'll take the ones that make you happy.
    Also I have a life that is not about scanning stuff that makes you happy. It is 6 months ago, that I ripped this CD. To hell, it will take me certainly some time to find this CD in my stuff again.
    To hell again, I am working full time, have a familiy and a dog. Where to get the time for all CDs or where to get the time to find this particular one, go elsewhere for scanning, ...

    If you still insist on me having done a bullshit dump, I just have to say:
    You're the fucking kid demanding something that is out of my abilities right now. You're like a homeless being rude after not getting a dollar.

    What's next? I have more of these already ripped but not uploaded. You demand me uploading the whole series rather than just the cherries picked out of my pile of CDs? Because not uploading the whole series is offensive to you?

    Show me your 450 uploads along with media scans, tell me how much time it took and I'll propably invest more time on this and carry the CDs to a friend with a scanner. I'll soon start asking them if I could pass by for scanning 450 CDs -.-

  • Wow, some trolls on this thread. Thanks for the upload, @sdose.

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