Mathematica 4.x

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imageMathematica 4.x

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    I am unable to install this program as its asking me to enter a password and, I don't even know what is considered "valid" for it. Of course you can run this without a password but I would like this sorted out if possible. It looks an interesting program though.

    Note: I'm installing this under Win98 SE.

  • It's in the archive's readme text file.

  • Oh, I see. I didn't know that at first. Thanks for clearing that up.

  • I can't install Mathematica 4.1 as it asks for a password, and the one on the TXT doesn't work for me.

  • I Install this on winxp and copy to windows 10,It works fine after a little tuning. Thanks!
    looking for version 4.2 for windows please
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