Top 500 software packages for the Columbia Data Products 1600, Nov 1983

I acquired a marketing flyer published in 1983 that describes the top ~500 applications that were tested as compatible with the Columbia Data Product 1600 computer. It is quite interesting as it is a fairly comprehensive list of popular IBM PC software products at that time. The CDP 1600 was the first fully hardware compatible IBM PC clone, so it is also interesting from the perspective that clone makers were sort of sticking it to IBM. Clones of other platforms usually got squashed, and nobody really knew if IBM would crush the PC clone makers. It was very important for vendors to emphasize compatibility so that one would not regret buying their clone computer.

Winworld has a number of these. But as you can see, there are still many, many titles that are not archived.




No other microcomputer system anywhere can beat Columbia Data's MPC
software and hardware repertoire. Not IBM's, Not Apple's, Not Ti's.
Not DEC's.  Not Compaq's. Not HP's. Not even Japan, Inc.'s.


* Home Accountant Plus      1.30A   Continental Software
Accounts Payable            demo    ADS Business Software
Accounts Payable (1)        2.03    Great Plains Software
Accounts Payable            1.0     Hayden Software
Accounts Payable            1.00    IBMlPeachtree Software
Accounts Payable            3.0     IUS
Accounts Payable            2.1     MBSI
Accounts Payable (2)        3.5.1   Occupational Computing
Accounts Payable            2       Open Systems
Accounts Payable Series     8       Peachtree Software
Accounts Payable            2.0     Software Libraries
Accounts Payable            A.3     Software Products International
Accounts Payable (4)        demo    Solid Software
Accounts Payable                    State of the Arts
Accounts Payable            2.2     Structured Systems
Accounts Receivable Series  8       Peachtree Software
Accounts Receivable         demo    ADS Business Software
Accounts Receivable (1)     2.03    Great Plains Software
Accounts Receivable         1.0     Hayden Software
Accounts Receivable         1.00    IBM/BPI
Accounts Receivable         1.00    IBMlPeachtree Software
Accounts Receivable         3.0     IUS
Accounts Receivable         2.1     MBSI
Accounts Receivable         demo    Micro Associates
Accounts Receivable (2)     3.5.1   Occupational Computing
Accounts Receivable (2)     3.4.4   Occupational Computing
Accounts Receivable         2.10    Open Systems
Accounts Receivable         2.021   Peachtree Software
Accounts Receivable         2.0     Software Libraries
Accounts Receivable         A.3     Software Products International
Accounts Receivable         2.1     Structured Systems
Amortization and Depreciation 2.11  Basic Business Software
Colorbiz Inventory (3)              Color Corporation
Colorbiz Loan (3)                   Color Corporation
FCC Inventory               11.1.0  Fogle Computing Company
Fixed Asset Manager         1.01    Softrend Inc
Fixed Assets Series 8               Peachtree Software
General                     1.00    IBM/BPI
General Ledger  demo                ADS Business Software
General Ledger (1)                  2.03    Great Plains Software
General Ledger              1.0     Hayden Software
General Ledger              1.0     IBMlPeachtree Software
General Ledger              3.0     IUS
General Ledger              2.1     MBSI
General Ledger              1.0     Micro Business
General Ledger              2.0     Open Systems
General Ledger              2.OOD   Peachtree Software
General Ledger              2.0     Software Libraries
General Ledger              2.2     Structured Systems
General Ledger Series 8             Peachtree Software
Inventory                   demo    ADS
Inventory (1)               2.03    Great Plains Software
Inventory                   1.0     Hayden Software
Inventory                   1.00    Micro Business
Inventory                   2.0     Open Systems
Inventory Series 8                  Peachtree Software
Inventory Control           1.00    IBM/BPI
Inventory Control           1.00    IBM/Peachtree Software
Inventory Control           A.3     Software Products International
Job Cost (2)                3.5.1   Occupational Computing
Job Cost                    2.0     Open Systems
Manufacturing (2)           3.5.1   Occupational Computing
Money Maestro               1.86    Innosystems
Order Entry                 2.1     MBSI
Order Entry (2)             3.5.1   Occupational Computing
Order Entry                 2.OB    Structured Systems
Paymaster (4)               demo    ASTEC Inc.
Payroll demo                ADS Business Software
Payroll (1)                 2.03    Great Plains Software
Payroll                     1.0     Hayden Software
Payroll                     1.00    IBM/Peachtree Software
Payroll                     2.1     MBSI
Payroll                     1.00    Micro Business
Payroll (2)                 3.5.1   Occupational Computing
Payroll                     demo    Solid Software
Payroll                     2.1C    Structured Systems
PC/MIS (4)                  1.3     Davis & Associates
Peachpay Series             8       Peachtree Software
Pep Business Systems        2.074   Performance Engineering
Personal Finance Master Spectrum Software
Personal Finance Program    demo    Best Programs
POS/1 (1)                   4.0     Chen Information
Powerful Business           1.1     Distributed Computing
Sales Analysis              2.1     MBSI
Sales Invoice Series        8       Peachtree Software
Sales Order Processing      2.0     Open Systems
Statistics                          Basic Business Software
The Bookkeeper System       1.5C    R & D Software Inc.
The Ledger                  demo      Westware
Total Payables              3.0     TCS Software Inc.
Total Payroll               3.06    TCS Software Inc.
Versa Ledger                II      H & E Computronics

*Async Communications Support   1.00    Columbia Data Products Inc.
Async Communications Support    2.0     IBM
Async Communications Support    1.0     IBM
Autodialer                  1.5     Alphanetics
BSTAM                       4.6     Lifeboat Associates
Data Communications Program 3.0     International Software Alliance
Dow Jones Reporter          1.00    IBM
Hayes Smartcom              1.0     Hayes Microcomputing
Hostcomm                    1.3     Jandon Inc.
Hostcomm                    1.1     Jandon Inc.
Micro-Link II               1.00    Digital Marketing
Micro/Terminal              1.1     Micro-Comet Inc.
Microterm                           Micro Systems
Network Utilities           1.25co1 Orchid Technology
PC Modem                    1.4C    Solution Software
PC Talk                     2.00    The Headlands Press
PC Talk                     III     Freeware
PC/Intercom                 1.2     Mark of the Unicorn
PCAT                        0.8     Arlington Software
Relay (5)                   1.2     VM Personal Computer
Sharenet                            Novell
Smarterm/PC                 2.1     Persoft
TRS -> IBM                          Personal Computer Products
Zipcom                      1.4     Zipco

* Perfect Filer             1.23    Perfect Software Inc.
Autocode 1                  1.2     Stemmos Ltd.
Cardbox Caxton
Citation                    3.1     Eagle Enterprises
Computer Chef               1.1     Norell Data Systems
Condor 3                    2.10    Condor
Condor III-20               2.09    Condor
Context MBA                 1.3     Context
Context MBA (4)             2.2     Context
Creatabase                          PC Software
Data Base Manager           1.1     Alpha Software
Data Base Manager II (4)            Alpha Software
Data Design (4)             demo    Insoft
Data Management Systems     1.1A    Compsoft
Datafax                     2.7     Link Systems
dBase II                    2.3     Ashton-Tate
dBase II                    2.3B    Ashton-Tate
dBase II                    2.4     Ashton-Tate
Easy Filer                  3.0     IUS
Execu/File                  1.6     Executec Corporation
Executive Organizer (3)     2.0     Executron Micro System
Family Roots                1.3     Quinsept
File Master                 2.0     NF Systems Ltd.
Friday!                     1.0     Ashton-Tate
IDM-X Interactive DBMS              Micro Architect Inc.
Info-Gen (4)                1.00    Info-Pros Inc.
Infostar System             1.4     Micropro
List Manager                2.01    Peachtree Software
MAG/Base 3 (4)              3.2     MAG Software
Magazine/Book Reference     1.00    Softrend
Magictable                          Presta Digital
Mailing List                1.1     Alpha Software
Mailing List                1.0     Alpha Software
Micro Minder                1.1     Alphanetics
Micro Rim (4)               demo    Micro Rim Inc.
MIS Builder                 5.016   American Planning
NAD                         4.0     Structured Systems
Next Step                   1.0     Execuware
Notebook                    1.21    Digital Marketing
Omnibase                    5.3     Conceptual Software
PC File                             Texasoft
Pems Buy/Sell Trend         1.0     Personal Equity
Pems Market Trend (4)       1.0     Personal Equity
Personal Data Base                  Supersoft Inc.
Personal Pearl              1.60    Pearlsoft
Personal Agency demo                Solid Software
PFS: File                   1.00    IBM
PFS: File                           Software Publishing
PFS: Report                 1.00    IBM
PFS: Report                         Software Publishing
Probase (5)                 demo    Fugen International
QBase                       1.4     Applied Technology
Selector V System           2.3B    Micro-Ap Inc.
Sequitur                    demo    Pacific Software
SPF/PC                      1.00    Rogue River Software
Superfile                   1.17    FYI Inc.
T.I.M. III                  1.0     Innovative Software
The Sort                    1.0     OMS
Versaform                   1.4     Applied Software Technology
VisiDex                     1.00    VisiCorp
VisiFile (4)                2.00    VisiCorp

The Draftsman (3) (4)       demo    Starware

*Columbia Tutor             1.00    Columbia Data Products Inc.
ATI Training Power          1.OC    American Training International
Basic Instruction                   Alphanetics
Execu/Aid                   1.5     Executec Corporation
Fact Track                          IBM
Help                                Southeastern Software
Hypertyper                          Summit Software Corporation
IBM Demo                    1.1     IBM
In-Shape                            Deg Software
Managing W/Lotus            1.0     CDEX Corporation
Managing W/Multiplan        1.0     CDEX Corporation
Managing W/Superscalc       1.0     CDEX Corporation
Managing W/Visicalc         1.0     CDEX Corporation
Math Wizard                 1.01    Morgan Computing
My Letters, Numbers and Words  1.0     Stone Software Marketing
PC Introductory Set         1.2     Friendlysoft Inc.
PC Pal                      1.0     Comprehensive Software
The Author                  2.00    Phoenix Software
The Word Processor                  Bible Research Systems
Touch N' Go                         Caxton Software
Training - Supercalc        1.2     CDEX Corporation
Training - Visicalc         1.3     CDEX Corporation
Training - Easywriter       1.0     CDEX Corporation
Training - Wordstar         1.2     CDEX Corporation
Typing Tutor                1.00    IBM
Use IBM W/ CP/M-86          1.0     CDEX Corporation
Use the IBM W/PC-DOS        2.0     CDEX Corporation
Word Whiz                           Alphanetics
Your Personal Computer Tutor        Texasoft

* Space Commanders          1.00    Columbia Data Products Inc.
Adventure                   1.00    Microsoft
Adventure in Serenia        1.00    IBM/On-Line Systems Inc.
Air Traffic Controller Level III    David Mannering
Andromeda Conquest                  Avalon Hill
Apple Panic                         Broderbund Software
Aqua Run                    1.2     Soft Spot Micro Systems
Arithmetic Games#1                  IBM/Science Research
Arithmetic Games#2                  IBM/Science Research
Astro-Dodge                         Digital Marketing
Blingsplatz                         Ormic Corporation
Call to Arms                        Sirius Software Inc.
Cashman 1.0                         Gross National Products
Casino Blackjack            1.0     Survey Systems
Championship Blackjack              PC Software
Chess                       1.0     Bluebush Inc.
Colorbiz Biorhythm                  Color Corporation
Colorbiz Gambler                    Color Corporation
Cosmic Nightmare            1.10    Wood & Clay
Crossfire                           Sierra On-Line Systems
Crypto Cube                         Designware
Czorian Siege                       Screenplay
Deadline                    1.00    Infocom
Death Station                       Hypersystems
Decathlon                           Microsoft
Draw Poker                          Avalon Hill
Dunzhin                             Screenplay
Eliza                       3.0     Artificial Intelligence
Eliza                               Norell Data Systems
Executive Suite             1.00    Armonk Corporation
Flight Simulator            1.00    Microsoft
Floppy Frenzy               1.00    Windmill Software
Frogger                             Sierra On-Line Systems
Galaxy Master               1.1     Info-Pros Inc.
Golf Challenge                      Sierra On-Line Systems
Hide and Sink                       Mirror Images
Jabbertalky                         Automated Simulation
Las Vegas Blackjack         1.07    Quala
Mazamania Devils                    Mania Inc.
Midway Campaign Avalon Hill
Milkyway Merchant                   Blythe Valley Software
Millionaire                         Blue Chip
Mouskattack                         Sierra On-Line Systems
Munchkin                    1.0     Norell Data Systems
Nightmission Pinball                Sublogic
Omegabug                            Personal Computer
Original Adventure          1.0     Norell Data Systems
PC Arcade                   1.1     Friendlysoft Inc.
PC Arcade                   1.01    Friendlysoft Inc.
PC Crayon                   1.0     PC Software
PC Man                              Orion
Phantom's Revenge                   Norell Data Systems
Pig Pen                     1.00    Datamost
Planetfall                  2.00    Infocom
Pool                        1.5     Innovative Design
Question                            Alpha Software
Quotrix Insoft
Snack Attack                N/A     Fantastic
Space Guardian                      Omric Corporation
Space Miner                         Resolution Software
Space Strike                        Datamost
Star Trek                   1.2     Zeta
Starchase                           (Unknown)
Starcross                   R15     Infocom
States & Caps                       Alphanetics
Strategy Games                      IBM
Suspended                   1.00    Infocom
Tachyon                             Mirror Images
Temple of Apshai                    Automated Simulation
The Hermit's Secret         1.0     Norell Data Systems
The Witness                 13      Infocom
Tigers in the Snow          1.00    Strategic Simulation
U.S. Motors                 1.0     Alphanetics
Ulysses                             Sierra On-Line Systems
Viper                       1.0     Ivy Research
Voyager I                           Avalon Hill
Wortrix                             Insoft
Zork I                      1.00    Infocom
Zork II                     1.00    Infocom
Zork III                    1.00    Infocom
Zutu                                Hyper Systems

* Fast Graphs               1.1     Innovative Software
4 Point Graphics            1.0     IMSI
Advanced Space Graphics (5) (6)     Micro Control
Banner  1.1                         Wilson and Associates
BPS Business Graphics               Business & Professional Software
Colorplus (3) (4)           demo    Plantronics
Energraphics                1.1     Enertronics
ES Painter                          E & S Software Services
Fancy Font                          Soft Craft Inc.
Glyphix 1.5                         Starside Engineering
Graph'N'Calc (3) (4)                Desktop Computer
Hypergraphics (3) (4)               McGraw-Hill Company
Mirrorgraph                         Mirror Images
PC-Draw 1.2                         Micrografx
Screen Design Aid           demo    Data Easy Software
The Graphics Generator      1.05    Brady Company
Type Faces                          Alpha Software
Video Etch                          Alphanetics
Videograph Plus             1.0     Windmill Software
VisiTrend/VisiPlot          1.10    VisiCorp
VisiTrend/Plot              1.30        VisiCorp

Rio Plus                    1.0     STB Systems
FTG Data Light Pen                  FTG Company
PC Mouse Pop-Up Menu        2.00    Mouse Systems
PC640                       Scion

* BASICA                    1.91    Microsoft
* MACRO Assembler           2.04    Microsoft
Basic 87                    1.0     Microwave
Basic Compiler              1.00    IBM
Basic Compiler              5.32    Microsoft
C-Compiler                          Computer Innovations
Cobol Compiler              1.00    IBM
Forth-32                    1.00    Quest Research
Fortran                     1.05    Supersoft Inc.
Fortran 87                  1.0     Microwave
Fortran Compiler            1.00    IBM
Macro 87                    1.0     Microwave
Macro Assembler             1.0     IBM
MBP Cobol (1)               6.10 (Eval)     MBP Software
MS-Fortran 86               1.00    Microsoft
MS-Fortran 87               3.01    Microsoft
MS-Pascal 86                1.00    Microsoft
MS-Pascal 87                3.01    Microsoft
Pascal 87                   1.0     Microwave
Pascal Compiler             1.00    IBM
Pascal MT +                 3.2     Digital Research
PC-Logo .94                         Harvard Associates

*MS-DOS                     1.25    Microsoft
*CP/M 86                    1.6     Digital Research
Coherent                            Mark Williams
Concurrent CP/M                     Digital Research
CPIM 80 2.2                         Digital Research
MP/M 86 2.0                         Digital Research
P Systems                   IV.1    NCI
Quinix                      demo    Quantum

* Perfect Calc              1.15    Perfect Software Inc.
Analyst                     2.0     Structured Systems
Bottom Line Strategist      1.1     Ashton-Tate
Business Pac 100            1.0     H & E Computronics
Business Planner                    Duosoft
Calcstar                    1.4     Micropro
Calendar Management                 Peachtree Software
Dairy Relations             1       Avinco Corporation
Datakeep                    1.1     Mathtech Inc.
Desktop/.Plan               1.00    VisiCorp
Docucalc                            Micro Decision Systems
Easy Planner                1.0     IUS
Easy Calc                   1.1     Norell Data Systems
Execu/Model                 1.5     Executec Corporation
Fairvalue                   demo    Software Options
Financial Planning-Multiplan        Expert Systems
Financial Planning-VisiCalc         Expert Systems
Financial Calculator                Basic Business Software
Financier                           Financier Inc.
FPL                                 2.20    Ashton-Tate
Investment Strategist (4)           1.00    XQ Software
Logicalc                    E.05    Software Products International
Long Distance Analyzer              Golden Braid Software
Lotus 1-2-3                 1.001   Lotus Development
Lotus 1-2-3 (4)             1 A     Lotus Development
Magic Worksheet             1.1     Structured Systems
MatheMagic                  1.6     International Software Marketing
Micro Gantt                 1.92A   Earth Data Systems
Microtax                            Micro Computer
Money Decisions                     Eagle Software
Money Manager               1.0     People Literate
Multiplan                   1.00    IBM/Microsoft
Multiplan                   1.06    Microsoft
Peachcalc                   1.01    Peachtree Software
Perfin                      1.3C    Digital Engineering
Personal Tax Planner        1.00    Electronic Data Systems
Plan 80                     2.6     Business Planning Systems
Procalc                     B1.6    Software Products International
Profin                      3.11    Business Software
Project Control             1.00    ETI
Project Scheduler                   Scitor
Savant Investor demo                Savant Corporation
Scratchpad                  3.0     Supersoft
Shoebox                     1.09    Techland Systems
Supercalc                   1.10    Sorcim
Tax Preparer (3)            1982 ed.        Howardsoft
Tax Strategist (4)          1.00    XQ Software
Taxcomp 1983                        Morgan Computing
The Itemizer                1.0     People Literate
The Thinker                         Texasoft
Time Manager                1.00    IBM/Microsoft
Time Scheduler              1.01    Softrend Inc.
Time Value of Money         1.0     People Literate
Venture                     4.1     Weiss Associates
VisiCalc (4)                1.0     VisiCorp
VisiSchedule                1.01    VisiCorp
Viz-A-Con                   1.0     Abacus Assoc.

*Diagnostics                        Columbia Data Products Inc.
1Dir                        1.36    Bourbaki Inc.
Autosort86/M                1.09    Computer Control Systems
Btrieve                     2.0     Softcraft Inc.
California 10 Pack                  California Software Products
Catalog Diskette Library    1.1C    Multipro
Copy Protector                      Morgan Computing
CopylIPC                    1.0     Central Point Software
Copypc                      1.1     Nagy Systems
CP +                        demo    Taurus Software
Crossdata                           GKE Software
Data Safe                   1.2     International Microcomputer
dBase Door                  1.00    Tylog Systems
dBase Window                3.02B   Tylog Systems
Disk Magic                  1.0     Norell Data Systems
Diskette Librarian          1.0     IBM
Diskmap/PC                  1.01    Unicorn Systems
Execu/Bus                   1.5     Executec Corporation
Funkey                      2.00    Bourbaki Inc.
Info-Sort                   1.03    Info-Pros Inc.
Keynote                     1.0     Advanced Software
Loadcalc                    3.01    Micro Decision
Master Menu (2)             3.5.1   Occupational Computing
Memory/Shift                        North American Business Systems
Merge and Print             1.1     MBS Software
Mergecalc                           Micro Decision
Norton Utilities (2)        2.00    Peter Norton
Nuchar                      1.1     Field Computer
P-Edit  SSI Program
Pack & Crypt                1.0     Norell Data Systems
PC Accelerator              2.00    STB Systems
PC/Help                     1.0     Relational Solutions
PC/Messages                 1.0     Relational Solutions
Peeks and Pokes             2.00    Decisions
Pertmaster                  4.52    Westminster Software
PR 256                      1.1     Field Computer
Programmers Utilities       demo    Data Easy Software
Prokey                              Rosesoft
Qsort                       2.OB    Structured Systems
Quickcode                   demo    Fox and Geller
Ram Disk/Spooler (5)        1.00    Memory Technologies
Screen Machine                      Omric Corporation
Spacemaker                  1.02    Realia Inc.
Special Programs            2.1     MBSI
Starburst                   1.0     Micropro
Statpack, NWA               2.1     Northwest Analytical
Structured Development Systems  2.00    ETI
Super Zap                   2.1     Alta Systems
Superstar                           Relational Solutions
System Manager                      Business Management
System Back-up              1.4     Norell Data
The Librarian               2.0     Software Libraries
Trace 86                            Morgan Computing
Wait-Less Printing          3.02    Persyst

* Perfect Writer            1.00    Perfect Software Inc.
* Perfect Speller           1.00    Perfect Software Inc.
Benchmark Mailing List      1.2E    Metasoft Corporation
Benchmark Word Processing   3.OJ    Metasoft Corporation
Bibliography                1.4     Digital Marketing
Easy Label                          Systemics Inc.
Easy Proof                  1.2     Norell Data Systems
Easy Text                   1.0     Norell Data Systems
Easywriter (5)              1.1     IBM/IUS
Easywriter II (5)           1.0     IUS
Easywriter II (96K) (5)     2.0     IUS
Easywriter II (64K)         2.0     IUS
Edix (7)                    2.0     Emerging Technology
Edix                        1.0     Emerging Technology
Execu/Reporter              1.05    Executec Corporation
Execu/Writer                1.05    Executec Corporation
Footnote                    3.2     Digital Marketing
Grammatik                   1.83    Digital Marketing
Info-Reporter               1.00    Info-Pros Inc.
Mailmerge                   3.3     Micropro
Mailmerge                   3.2M    Micropro
Master Type                         Lightning Software
MBS Mailing Label           2.0     MBS Software
Multimate                   3.06    Software Systems Inc.
Peachtext 5000                      Peachtree Software
Proofreader                 1.1     Digital Marketing
R.H. Dictionary                     Peachtree Software
R.H. Thesaurus                      Peachtree Software
Screen                      2.0     Basic Business Software
Select Word Processor       2.20    Select Information Systems
Spel'.Bound'                        Blythe Valley Software
Spell Proof                 2.0     Peachtree Software
Spellbinder                 5.2     Lexisoft Inc.
Spellguard                  2.0     Innovative Software
Spellstar                   1.2M    Micropro
Spellstar                   3.3     Micropro
Ted                         1.00    Morgan Computing
Textplus                    C2.0    Owl Software Corporation
Textra                      1.0     Ann Arbor Software
The Final Word              1.1     Mark of the Unicorn
The Ultimate                2.2     Computer Creations
The Word Plus               1.2     Oasis Systems
VEDI86                              Westcoast Software
VisiSpell                   1.0     VisiCorp
VisiWord (4)                1.1     VisiCorp
Volkswriter                 1.2     Lifetree Software
Word Perfect (5)            2.24    SSI
Wordstar                    3.2M    Micropro
Wordstar                    3.3     Micropro
XYWrite demo                XYQuest

This software tested with 4.33 ROM's, MS-DOS v1.25, CDP v2.11, and
BASICA v1.91
* Bundled with our MPC Family of products, including desktop and

(1) Requires Hard Disk
(2) Dual Floppy Unit Only
(3) Requires Color Monitor
(4) Requires Extra Memory
(5) Requires IBM Printer Card (Prints on VP)
(6) Requires Joystick
(7) Must Change Color


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