[Offer] Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing 5 (1998)(The Learning Company)


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    I remember this so well, back when it came with my first computer :) Thanks for this ;)

    But I should tell you that you've gotten its OS wrong. It was for Win98.

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  • Oh? I didn't know... well fair play to the developers to make it work for an even older OS than the OS it was more suitable. You would never think these kind of graphics were possible for 3.1! :D

  • There were quite a few titles that continued to use 16-bit Windows 3.1 binaries well past 1998 and in to the 2000s. Sometimes they didn't even advertise compatibly with Windows 3.1.

    Since Windows 9x was built on top of 3.1, it ran 3.1 binaries natively (unlike NT that had to use a VDM), so it was sometimes hard to even tell if something was 16-bit or 32-bit unless you examined the EXE file.

    That is why there is still such a need for the 32-bit versions of Windows that support 16-bit binaries. I'm still rather surprised how the 64-bit versions took off without a larger backlash.

  • Well when I installed this, I happened to have two separate installers for Adobe Reader 3.0 - 16-bit and 32-bit. That would be another indicator of it being installed on OSes beneath 98.

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