[OFFER] Microsoft Office 97 Standard Czech

I offer CD image of Microsoft Office 97 Standard in Czech language variant. I noticed it is missing in archive, so I pulled it out of closet to donate it to this wonderful archive. It is complete package. I can make a: CD copy in ISO format, Image in IMG format of "License Floppy" or "Activation Floppy", Scan of CD label, Scan of Floppy label, Scan of package inlay, Serial key. The CD surface is crystal clear, seems never used (or only once). Will try the Floppy, hope it is okay too.
Please, tell me how can I upload the archive for you.


  • You will need to upload it to some file hosting site and either post or PM me a link to it. Thanks.

  • Okay, work in progress... What is complete so far: Disc image, Floppy image, Front inlay artwork scan. I have made enhancements to scanned artwork like darkening up black text and cleaned from scan artifacts in photo edit program... Is this allowed?

  • The ISO file was retrieved from original physical media.
    CD grab device used was LG Blu-Ray 5.25 inch internal drive.
    Floppy disk drive used was connect-IT model 19308801-19 external using USB interface. It is branded TEAC FD-05PUB drive.

    Disc grab program used was DAEMON Tools Pro version - https://www.daemon-tools.cc/home
    Archive compression program used was 7-Zip File Manager 64-bit version 18.05 - https://www.7-zip.org/
    Operating system used was Windows 8.1 64-bit.

    Floppy disk is High Density (1.44), but files on disk can fit on ordinary DD (720) disk. So the image is converted from HD to DD for wider compatibility.
    CD has integrated Service Release 1.
    CD image is completely untouched.

    Archive is 7-Zip compressed with file extension 7z.
    Compression technique used is LZMA2 with Ultra compression level.
    Archive is "non-solid" - you can retrive single file from archive without need of decompressing all files from archive first.
    Minimum RAM memory free space of 66MB is required to decompress the archive.

    All artwork was scanned by printer Hewlett Packard model LaserJet Pro MFP M127fs at resolution of 600 DPI.
    Source file format was BMP - compressionless format. This is to ensure absolutely maximum quality.
    Scanning software used was Not Another PDF Scanner 2 (NAPS2) version - https://www.naps2.com/
    Photo editing software used was GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) version 2.10.6 - https://www.gimp.org/
    Photo viewing and printing program used was IrfanView 64-bit version 4.51 - https://www.irfanview.com/
    Source BMP files conversion program was Microsoft Paint.
    Operating system used was Windows 8.1 64-bit.

    All pictures are print ready without any resising, just make sure to use DPI aware picture viewer (which Windows Photo Viewer is not).

    Printer scanner introduces unwanted scan artifacts.
    I took my effort to make scans look as much exactly like in reality as possible.
    Most of cleaning work was focused on front inlay. All black text was darkened, blank spaces was cleaned out of noticable junk and I introduced cut lead borders and fold lead borders to facilitate making of inlay replicas.
    I am by no means professional artist, enhancing color is out of my league.
    Cleaned and corrected pictures by hand are: front inlay and back inlay. Floppy disk scan and CD scan are untouched, just cropped.
    It seems floppy disk front is slightly greyish in comparison with back which is slightly yellow. This is because front of floppy does not contain any color so to save space the picture is greyscale.
    Front jewel case inlay is double sided.

    Back jewel case inlay is combined with stickers on the case.
    One sticker contains license key. The sticker was originally black foreground with orange background, B&W picture file size is much smaller than 16 color file. It was acceptable tradoff.
    Second sticker contains special product ID. This product ID is covering barcode on inlay. This is no problem, because the same barcode is located on front inlay card backside.

    This is supposed to be the ultimate Microsoft Office 97 Czech replica. It took tremendous effort and techniques to assemble the package, make full documentation and preserve it in absolute condition for future generations.
    Files are in PNG format - lossless compression format with level 9.

    All software used was officialy licensed and activated or open source.


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