[Request] ARJ version 2.30b (1992)

I'm looking for this specific version of the old compression program ARJ, version 2.30b, from around 1992. If anyone knows where I can find this version or has it themselves, I'd really appreciate a share. Other versions are easy to find, but I need that specific version for a historical project, if possible.


  • You can find this specific version i.e. here:

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    However, I'm a bit confused that 2.30b there is just the main program, since the only indication I had that I wanted version 2.30b was the ARJ "subprogram" dearj.exe was marked as version 2.30b, yet dearj.exe isn't included in the version you kindly linked to.

    However, that site has tons of ARJ versions, so hopefully given I know the year (1992) I need, I can go through them all to find the one I need.

    Version 2.30 is also there, and that one does indeed include dearj.exe. At worst, 2.30 should serve my purpose, though I am now curious that I have a dearj.exe tool with a 2.30b version number that maybe I should upload as a rarity?

    Anyway, thanks again for the help, and the link to a very useful site I didn't know about. :)

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