[OFFER & request] win98se [ARA] arabic & [HEB] hebrew

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link for arabic version:-

link here

note: this copy is NOT bootable by itself!

download boot image to a floppy from here: https://winworldpc.com/product/microsoft-windows-boot-disk/98-se

for the hebrew version:-

here's the link

this one is fully bootable from cd ... no boot-disk needed!

SE keys provided (by winworld) work well with both copies

enjoy :smiley:

now if someone could help me with issue I'm having ...

back in the old days I had the arabic version with full language support for hebrew (and english of course)
and I don't mean display / menu language .. I mean merely simple INPUT / KEYBOARD Language

would love to have this feature back but I couldn't add hebrew capabilities to the arabic version and vice versa ! using the opposite install CD from add / remove programs in control panel ...


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