I want to make a mirror

Good afternoon!

I want to make a mirror of this library.
I already wrote to the address specified in the contacts, but did not receive a response.
therefore I am writing here.

I have the technical ability to fully provide customers with content. The main channel is 1000Mbit optics and 3 channels of 100Mbit copper
to reduce the load on the main.
Perhaps you know my library of information and software for retrocomputers - https://mirrors.pdp-11.ru/
In her now 9 732 478 files 8 507 892 MB.
I also have a search engine for the archive.

With best regards, Max


  • Well, that escalated quickly. Seemed to me the guy was only trying to help out unless some shady business was going on, therefore making his ban justifiable.

  • I beg your pardon.
    but I do not understand the reasons for the ban.
    offer of help and creating a mirror is a crime?
    what kind of shady business suspect me?
    I really don't understand

    I fulfilled the conditions - wrote on email
    but apparently it is very rarely read and I wrote here

    If the problem is that I have indicated a link to my archive, I apologize.
    I really created this resource and collect valuable information - you can check.

    If I wrote offtopic - I apologize.


  • Might want to summon @SomeGuy regarding this. Mayber @Rioter also, as he's in charge of the mirrors here.

  • thanks for the help
    SomeGuy was advised to contact Duff or Calvin.
    i wrote Rioter

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