Manuals lotus 123 v2.2 & v3.1 and norton utilities v6.0

I just sent an email to admin winworldpc and want check its been received with attached file before sending the others.
Could you please let me know


  • Hi all, as I've never before uploaded I gave a try and created a google drive and uploaded / stored the lotus / norton manuals there. Google gave me the link below. Let me know if you can access to download as its a first for me.

  • Ok, thanks, at a glance, I'm not sure if all of those got through on e-mail, so just grabbed it from the link above. I've been unbelievably busy lately. File hosting sites are the way to go around here. Google drive is a popular one, some people around here use mega. I personally like Tinyupload, but as the name suggests, it has a file size limit.

  • Ok thanks for letting me know so now I know it works after my first attempt. I was monitoring the google drive and noticed a icon earlier against 6 files and wasn't sure that meant someone downloaded or viewed but the icon is now on all the files. I'll try to in the near future to scan my MS Access v1.0 or v2.0, MS Word v2, and Excel v4.0 manuals. thanks again for letting me know

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