[Offer] Visual C++ 6 Introductory Edition

Hi, first time posting here.

First of all thanks all the old software. Helped me a bunch in porting an older MFC app to Win 10.

So, here's me giving something back:

Bought the French edition of Distributed Applications with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0: MCSD Training Kit from a flea market and found a version of Visual C++ 6 called Introductory Edition on the bundled CD (decently preserved).

It's a lightweight version of VC++ 6 (and amusingly, has more features than MS's later Express editions). SP6 installs without a hitch over this version.

TBH, I suppose it's more of an oddity but maybe you would like to add it.

Some screenshots:

And the CD image (freshly ripped):


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