Huge chunk of MacOS Software from 1996-2002

I have a huuuge load of Mac Software (literly everything that came out during these years, incl alpha and beta software). Mostly catalogued in chronological order spanned through 40 CD's and DVD's...
I managed to save almost everything before cd rot set in, how can I share this huge load of stuff?


  • I suggest If you have originals you can also upload the media-scans there. It is searchable (as long as you provide a good description) and it is free. (Almost) no limits there.

    I already uploaded ~30 CDs there.

  • Good idea, ill look into it. Thanks

  • is site similar to WinWorldPC but for Macs

    I'm sure they have lots of things you also have but doubt they have everything

  • Did you upload this to If you need help let me know. Cheers.

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