MS-DOS 8.0

Hi everyone, I have a VMware VM of MS-DOS 8.0, I know the rules that I can not upload unofficial of modified softwares, however, the MS-DOS 7.1 was up on the library, so I just want to upload it here and if it has any copyright violation or terms & conditions violation, please remove the link.

All files are from Windows ME and no changed has been made to them except for patching IO.SYS and COMMAND.COM for it to boot properly.

The Link:!9RM2FICB!TbIT3jBkDVP5QzvnEH88K6In1Pyfor2jN07IHQFz5aA

Have a nice day,


  • MS-DOS 7.1 had some proper use but MS-DOS 8.0 is just a limited version because Microsoft was trying to phase out MS-DOS.

  • "MS-DOS" 7+ were not Microsoft releases, but all of the DOS tools anyone really needed on machines made after about 1994 are included, some of them 3rd party improvements that use less RAM than what Microsoft shipped.

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