What/where is the pre-9.0c dxdiag test music in Windows 9x?

The title says all.

I know it's flourish.mid after you've insalled directx 9.0c and the same music can be found in the %windir%\media folder on later Windows. But I have no idea what it is or where it is when you have directx older than that. It's not passport.mid, nor canyon.mid, and also not clouds.mid. Searching the c drive with *.mid or *.rmi yields only the usual stuff. The directx folders in Program Files or Windows folder don't seem to contain anything of interest.

But the file has to be somewhere... doesn't it? Please someone enlighten me!


  • Uhm... sorry for the self-answering and for the dumb question in the first place.

    I looked in the temp folder because Windows 98 dxdiag generated flourish.mid there when test music was played. Turns out Windows 95 dixdiag generates "edge.sgt" and "edge.sty" files in the temp folder while playing. I suppose they're directmusic files that no one cares about today. So problem solved... kind of.

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