[OFFER] Microsoft BASIC compiler for XENIX 286

This is Microsoft BASIC compiler for XENIX 286 Operating System. This is just Microsoft Basic Compiler only not Microsoft BASIC interpreter, it can produce executable a.out files, similar to C compiler for example. Michal Necasek from OS/2 Museum have post show you how to run Microsoft XENIX 286 in Virtual Box http://www.os2museum.com/wp/ibm-xenix-two-steps-forward/.

The disks can be installed in to XENIX running on Vbox following a few simple steps:

tar xvf /dev/fd0
./msinstall /dev/fd0

Upon installation you invoke the compiler like this:

bascom demo.bas

And it produced an a.out executable which worked perfectly fine.

Thank to Tenox and Neoseed to Find this rare Basic Compiler for Xenix 286


Download Link include Manuals


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