Windows 98 98 SE Beta

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Windows 98 98 SE Beta

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  • Is it me or nobody cared about these betas like those NT 3.1 betas?

  • @Chaz said:
    Is it me or nobody cared about these betas like those NT 3.1 betas?

    Actually the NT 3.1 betas are interesting since it shows early concept of the NT arch. Windows 98SE and in some cases ME betas usually tend to get ignored since they aren't really much different over 98FE.

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    well the NT 3.1 betas aren't talked about as much as it should have been.

    ME betas were less interesting than their 2000 counterparts. ME looks like to be only made so there was a home Windows to be released near Windows 2000 which was under development ever since Windows 98 started development.

    Fun little fact: The least interesting betas that i know of are the many, many and many Windows 10 Insider Previews (After the RTM from july 2015) and the 8.1 betas. not too many interesting changes (8.1 only had the start button re-added and windows 10 only added lots of Microsoft-fluff with a bit of Android-iOS-games fluff).

    I don't really know if there's more betas of 98 SE. Possibly there are more in the BA ftps but they're only minor files changes from the FE so yeah...

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