QuickBasic 1.x

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QuickBasic 1.x

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  • Microsoft QuickBasic 1.00 was release 1985 have simple Microsoft Basic Compiler like Microsoft Basic Compiler for Xenix 286 and IBM PC Basic Compiler. QuickBasic 1.00 is only of QuickBasic series to lack IDE Editor. QuickBasic 2.0 have IDE and Online Editor. Today it is hard to find QuickBasic 1.00 maybe ebay have it i know website named might have it http://www.emsps.com/oldtools/msbas.htm but they want $500 dollars for Quickbasic 1.00 that is too much money for one little rare software, finding it on ebay is best bet. QuickBasic is world most popular BASIC Programming language start out as simple Basic Compiler was release 33 years ago.

  • Just bought a Sharp PC-7100. It came with the original book that held the software disks for version 1.01 of Microsoft QuickBASIC Compiler for DOS 2.0 or higher. I don’t seem to have the original disks here but maybe a copy of them. TBD. Might look into it more later but thought I’d post that here if anyone was interested.

  • I interested in your finding Microsoft Quickbasic 1.01.

  • @johnlennon364 I have about 8 disks it came with but none are the factory disks from Microsoft. One might have the program on it still. I’ll look to see. Any idea what the program file names would be too look for? Or extensions? It’s been a while since I’ve used DOS.

  • MS-DOS File Extension is COM., EXE. Quickbasic file Extension is BAS.

  • Thanks. I’ll give it a look.

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    I saw QuickBasic 1.00 Files Listing and Screenshots on page 48 of IBM PC/Tandy 1000 Application Software (No Game) Screenshot. Will a download be available soon?

  • Apparently it was recently posted on the PCjs site: https://www.pcjs.org/disks/pcx86/tools/microsoft/basic/quickbasic/1.00/

    Added it to the downloads here.

  • @johnlennon364
    A few weeks ago, QuickBasic 1.00 was posted on PCjs.
    So SomeGuy uploaded on WinWorld.
    Remember that I don't share my collection.

  • Recorded to Readme File for Microsoft QuickBasic 1.00. Microsoft QuickBASIC 1.00 can read Microsoft Word Formatted Files. To make Quickbasic Basic Files so Microsoft Word. So this i why Microsoft IDE made for QuickBasic. Also in Readme File can you use Microsoft Word to Edit QuickBASIC 1.00 Files. I day hope we QuickBASIC 1.0 Manual.

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    It been over 3 years since I heard from a guy with Microsoft Quickbasic 1.01 disk
  • I think I’m that guy from 3 years ago you speak of.
  • @timvnelson Do you still have Microsoft QuickBasic 1.01 Disk. Did it come with a manual. Do you have other Microsoft Stuff from that era like Microsoft Chart 2.0.
  • Sorry man. I’ve been too busy to look at it since I originally posted and unfortunately have a lot going on so don’t think I’ll be able to check and help right now.
  • Sorry man. I’ve been too busy to look at it since I originally posted and unfortunately have a lot going on so don’t think I’ll be able to check and help right now.
  • @timvnelson You can take your time I'm not in worry.
  • We need Microsoft QuickBasic 1.00 and 2.00 Manuals
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    Might be a starting point. My expectation is that the instruction set for Mac and PC platforms would be the same.



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