Dr. Sbaitso 2.x

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Dr. Sbaitso 2.x

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  • An updated Windows 95/NT+ version of Dr Sbaitso was released with the Prody Parrot desktop assistant in 1999. I haven't had a chance to try it out, so I don't know if the speech engine has evolved to the point that parity tantrums are a thing of the past.

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    I finally got a chance to run the updated Dr Sbaitso. The synthesized voice and the speech engine have been upgraded somewhat to support a broader range of discussion.

    The downside is that Prody Parrot barges into the "confidential" conversations by getting into arguments with Dr Sbaitso.

    I forgot to lash out at Dr Sbaitso in a vulgar tirade so I don't know if he still throws out parity errors.

    Here is a link to the ISO:

  • I loved Dr. Sbaitso when I was younger, but totally forgot about it until a few weeks ago.
    I made a short video driving him into parity error:

    Thanks for the link :):):)

  • This will work very well on DOSBox!

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