Adobe Photoshop 5.x

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imageAdobe Photoshop 5.x

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  • Download page says "Adobe Photoshop 5.0 (ISO)" must have fc69b1beb3160fe8da521f63ef3a8d38a1ef8591094f2a68ba6f06f8a197fc5cfb0c51c8b73941414afa982056f2ac9c4575fd88b355a2f333dc2be480668df7
    checksum - but in reality it's 0ed60c6084da7441c1a0194ebbbd7de105ee0db885e70d86d1d7b1a7ae9d1334ab6b7a948a7a8c62d09357302c0c4e874c5f69ace58d6497c192d732aef5907d


  • Checksums are wrong in many WinWorld downloads, but usually the downloads are fine. This could be fixed some time later

  • No product key? i'm need to find product key

  • It's in the screenshot, below user name and company.

  • here is a working product key. pww400r7106337-339

  • This one only works with Photoshop 5.5

  • Does someone have a serial for 5.0 Limited Edition for Mac?
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    google search for "photoshop 5.0 le mac"
  • And another:
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