SolidWorks 97+ key?

Anybody have a solidworks 97+ or 96 key? Bought a big box copy of solidworks 97+, but does not have a key.


  • Try this one, it's from a copy of SolidWorks 96 I recently acquired:

    0200 0000 2781 7956

    Good Luck.

  • do you have the activation key? Thats the product key, still needs the other secondary key.

  • You're right, I didn't look close enough. It was actually the "serial number". You were supposed to send in the form with the serial number on it to receive the registration key. I don't have the registration code because the software was sealed and never activated. Sorry.

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    Sun's development tools used to do this as well, and Oracle refuses to (or more likely, won't admit they're unable to) generate the needed codes.

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