Windows 3.11/Windows 3.11 Upgrade

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I've noticed that WinWorld doesn't have Windows 3.11 or Windows 3.11 Upgrade.
I have them....
If you guys need iether one PM me for the download details.


  • 3.11 was really an upgrade os, not sure how they came out with 3.11 full oem? :evil:
  • Not really. I got a copy of 3.11 somewhere.
  • alot of people say it was only an upgrade os, i too have the disks of 3.11,
  • but THERE WAS a reatail box of it.

    Infact, in shame, I have the origional floppys :D Somewhere are that RAR's I just use them as spare's. Diks 3 says OS\2 v2.1 boot.....
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