dBASE III Plus v1.1

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imagedBASE III Plus v1.1

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  • I just noticed that this is the full (7) disk administrator set.
    Do you know if the "system disk 1" is a virgin copy with an original ID.EXE file?
    Or has this disk already been used for installation?

  • At lease this dump is Not incomplete and needed redump.

  • I believe those were dumped from my own disk set that was used.

    I have a copy here that I tried to reset back to factory condition, and never got around to uploading. Ideally a fresh copy should be dumped with a Kryoflux so we can see if anything was modified, but I dare say most copies out there were used and serialized.

  • It is not so easy to get untouched (not modified) disk.
    Once user install (register) program, a few of files seeem to be modified.

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