Good PC games from late 90s early - mid 2000s

I have a Dell c640. It has an ati gpu 7500 Radeon pentuim. 4 at 2'00 GHz and 40 gb space it's running Windows 2000( best os ever )


  • I'll give Blast Thru a mention first.

  • What are besf games from late 99s- mid 2000s(2006-7) ish

  • 90s not 99 idc , just any good games that will run on my pc

  • I can't tell you "best", but at least I can make recommendations. One being Red Alert 2, and the second Impossible Creatures.

  • The Sims, Simcity 3000 and 4, Monster Truck Madness 2, Midtown Madness 2, and Half-Life, just to name several recommendations. Basically anything that runs well on a Geforce2 MX with the same amount of memory as your GPU will run perfectly fine on your laptop.

    How much memory does the video card have? I remember the Dell Latitude C640 has the option for either 16MB or 32MB of video memory (I have both video card modules), since some games suggest a minimum of 32MB in the system requirements, this is an important specification to consider if you're suggesting good games from the 2000s (you can find the amount of video memory in either dxdiag or your video card's properties).

  • I recommend Capitalism II and second the recommendations for SC3000 and 4. TV Tycoon, Mall Tycoon 3 and Sid Meier's Railroads are also pretty good simulation games that performed perfectly on a Mobility Radeon 7500 32MB VRAM (with a ThinkPad T41). I know the former two work with vanilla win2k, and I think the latter should but a little iffy.

    Never played the original Sims but I do like the Sims 2. 32MB of VRAM is the bare minimum though for that game.

    Windows 2000 is the best option for gaming for that era. My 3DMark03 performance on my Mobility Radeon X1300 is far better with 2000/2003 than XP (~3500 vs 1049) for some reason. XP does feel much more bloated on my ThinkPad T60 than either OS.

  • @win32 said:
    Windows 2000 is the best option for gaming for that era.

    I didn't think it was capable of gaming, given that it was an OS tailered for businesses back then. Thanks for that interesting tidbit :P

  • I have the 32mb version , and any good fps ? Will a game like unreal run or serious Sam games like that.

  • Ik far cry can't be ran and that'd upsetting lol

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    My interest in classic gaming is from a similar period (1995-2001). I would suggest Mechwarrior 2 Titanium Edition which requires Win95 as its OS. Since I also own Mechwarrior 2 for 3Dfx, I use a secondary Monster 3D PCI video card along with an AGP primary video card. As for sound cards, Soundblaster Awe 64 Gold is great for Dos games.

  • BTW, Pentium 4 is a great CPU for Win 95/98 and not just 2000 Professional.

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    I recommend Fallout or Age of Empires, both of which are on WinWorld and even run on modern OS and hardware if you wanted to.
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    Have you Tryed Half Life 1? Good FPS. can run on a toaster, you can also get steam running on it if you look for a patch for it as well as kernalx
  • The original Unreal and Unreal Tournament
    C&C and C&C Red Alert are both freeware
    GTA I and II are both freeware
    Freelancer is abandonware
    Omikron is interesting, it's on Steam
    Systemshock and Systemshock II, both related to the Bioshock series
    Need for Speed III
    Diablo I & II (I think Blizzard released these free, at least they did II)
    Warcraft I, II and III
    Earthsiege, Earthseriege II, Starsiege and Starsiege:Tribes are freeware now
    Gun Metal, Black and White, No One Lives Forever I & II, SimCity 2000, Streets of SimCity, SimCopter...

    There's tons more too.
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