Lotus Agenda 2.0

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imageLotus Agenda 2.0

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  • Lotus Agenda: Wanted: Version 1

    These are original disks for Agenda v1.0x
    There are (3) 720k disk images and a scan of the diskettes.
    Disk01-02 are for Agenda v1.00
    Disk03 is the upgrade disk to v1.01

    Here is the download link

  • Thanks.

    Unfortunately version 1.0 is missing copy protected track.
    Once user install (register) program, copy protected track is removed.

  • Wow, never realized these were copy protected. Lotus was kind of sneaky by removing the protection after install.
    I happen to have virgin 5.25 disks that were stil sealed.
    I was able to read Disks 2-7 with WinImage.

    The "Install and Utility Disk" (5Disk01) is copy protected. When trying to read this disk with WinImage, I got a pop-up that there was an error in Track 39, Head 0.

    So fortunately, I have CopyIIPC installed on my old PC compatible. It was able to copy the file to a backup disk. I was also able to use Snatchit to save the image to 5Disk01a.cp2 and a backup to 5Disk01b.cp2. These are now included with the original copy protection intact.

    I created a test install disk from 5Disk01a.cp2 and successfully installed Agenda1 to my 486 PC. The install asked for my name and company!!

    So, these are original 5.25-360k disks for Agenda v1.0x
    There are (7) 360k disk images and a scan of the diskettes.
    Disk01-05 are for Agenda v1.00
    Disk06-07 are the upgrade disks to v1.01

    Here is the download link

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    By the way, can you dump Disk 1 of it by Teledisk 2.1x and ImageDisk 1.18?

    I also have removed disk of Lotus Agenda v1.0.

    I'll check and compare it soon.

  • I've compared your disk 1 (Install disk) with mine.
    It is a little different from mine.

    (Mine disk seems to be old than yours.)

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