Microsoft Pinball Arcade 1.0

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Microsoft Pinball Arcade 1.0

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  • I have reason to believe that the installer may not be original.

    1. The files are all dated May 2011

    2. It asks to create a program manager group even though it's Windows 95 software

    3. The installer creates a start menu group and shortcut labelled "Microsoft Piinball Arcade"

    The installer interface itself is a departure from other Microsoft software of the time although that may be because it wasn't purely of its doing and was in fact made in conjunction with a Russian company.

  • The download has been updated.

  • This game's CD is actually a Mixed Mode CD and comes with Audio CD tracks too. To rip it properly, ISO should not be used as ISO format cannot store mixed mode CD images. Rip to BIN/CUE, MDF/MDS (Alcohol 120%), NRG (Nero) or CCD/IMG/SUB (Clone CD)
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