Board was disabled all night

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New version of PHPBB... Im assuming Q locked down the board before he fell asleep. Anyway, were back on PHPBB 2.0.9!


  • Yeah....he said that the old version had all these holes
  • I also cleared the PHP cache to try to fix a bug me and Q kept on running into.
  • So we're all happy and upgraded now?
  • I did not fall asleep. And yes I locked it. I really didn't want some leet script kidde like (certain ppl we know) screwing us so I took it down and put the explaniation up.

    Hope you're not TOO mad...

  • Don't worry Q, I think you had a good reason for locking down the forum. I am not mad at u for doing that.
  • I'm not angry either, I feel that this was a good precaution.
  • the forum was locked? ::: yawns ::: musta been asleep ~_~zzzzzzzzzzzz
  • BlueSun wrote:
    the forum was locked? ::: yawns ::: musta been asleep ~_~zzzzzzzzzzzz

    yeah same here.
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