[Offer] FWB software Drive UP! 98


FWB software
Drive UP! 98

P/N: 14-00998-001
Serial number: DU957130191

Drive UP! 98 is an easy-to-use disk utility for preparing your new drive for
use. Drive UP! 98 contains useful functions for DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows
95, and Windows 98 environments. Use most Drive UP! 98 functions on both
IDE and SCSI hard drives. Use DOS Drive UP! with IDE hard drives.

Drive UP! 98 requires the following hardware and system software:
a PC with a 486 or better processor
installed Windows 95 or 98
minimum 16 MB of RAM
5 MB of free disk space
at least one IDE or SCSI hard drive
for installation, a CD-ROM drive

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