Windows 98 Pre-Releases

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Windows 98 Pre-Releases

WinWorld is an online museum dedicated to providing free and open access to one of the largest archives of abandonware software and information on the web.

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    None of these are archives; they are CD images that happen to be inside a RAR archive. Might want to change that.

  • 1629(“Memphis”4.10.1629) works

  • Can someone provide a link for Windows 98("Memphis") build 1434?

  • @Missileboi said:
    Can someone provide a link for Windows 98("Memphis") build 1434?

  • The smaller (158MB) 1691 is actually 1650 - beware!

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    Has anyone gotten a msgsrv32 ("This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shutdown")happening during the installation of Windows 98 Build 1619? Also when I get pass it, the installation doesn't read my cd drive. Im guessing that since I pressed the "Details" Button on the error, it shows that SYSDM.CPL's modules are invalid, which means that it probably didn't install any drivers including my cd drive. Please help!
  • nvm i got it working, all i did was remove no named devices (i only removed the network adapter) in device manager from safe mode.
  • l got stuck in the second step with beta2.1 of Windows98, what should l do?
  • my windows memphis version is 'expired"? (4.10.1351.B0)
  • @Eric for the windows memphis
    You need to set the bios date to 13th December 1996.
  • @jonirob
    Help, Build 1351 isn't installing for me in PCem with this config:
    Shuttle HOT-557
    > AMD
    > K6-2/233
    > 32MB
    Video Display
    > VGA
    > SoundBlaster AWE32
    > 256MB VHD
    >PCem CD Drive
    >CD Speed = 72
    Microsoft Serial Mouse

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    I have it running in 86Box with this config:

    Machine: AMI 486 clone
    CPU: Intel i486SX/16
    Memory: 32MB
    Display: Trident TVGA8900D
    Mouse: Microsoft Serial
    Sound: Sound Blaster AWE32

  • @jonirob
    after formatting the drive with the MS-DOS 6.22 Boot disk, it locked me out of using the machine.
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    Did you switch to the win9x directory before running setup?
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    I Did, I even tried installing MS-DOS 6.22 And it still locks me out. I Guess i can only install this on Virtualbox... :angry:

    I Almost just deleted all of my Virtual Hard Drives after deleting the HDD

    I'll just try to install it on DOSbox, Last hope..
  • Anyone recieved the "ACPI CRITICAL ERROR #4005", when it's initializing after the restart?
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