1995 Epson ActionNote - Overheating components or dust?

Hi all, I am currently in the possession of a 1995 Epson ActionNote 910, and there seems to be a strange burnt-rubberish smell coming from the computer. the PC does not seem to be warm, and the PC is running absolutely fine. should I be concerned?


  • I'd be a little concerned. I'd only operate it under close supervision until the smell goes away. It could just be an ambient odor that the plastic absorbed during storage that is released as it heats up (mildew smells will do that).

    Does the screen flicker at all? I don't know if the screens in those are in any way similar to the older 4SLC/33 units, but those had a common problem where the small high voltage transformer that powered the back light would come partially unsoldered and arc. A quick touch with a soldering iron would fix that.

  • The screen does not flicker. It might be coming from the PSU, it seems a bit hot, but it's a PSU...

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