Making a dial-up connection between Compaq Portable and Windows 10 laptop

Hello. I'm new there. I have a Compaq Portable. I want to transfer files between it and W10 laptop Medion. I want to use (on laptop) HyperTerminal, (on CP) Crosstalk. And I want to connect them together using normal 56k modems. I want to connect them without the phone line. But will it work? And if I just connect modems (together) using LINE cable, what number should I dial in a computer for access to the other one?
I want to text between laptop and CP. But, I want to transfer also files, as I said earlier. So what software should I use on both computers to transfer files through modem line?? CP has HDD (btw).

Or, can I make dial-in server at home ??? How?? I'm more stupid than I was before watching the "how to dial up/in server at home" videos. I want to dial from both modems to ONE line and do all things I want.

Can I do this??


  • That would be tough, I think. I've thought about doing something like that just for fun here, but can't see it being useful at all. You'd need a server to dial into (at least 2 modems), along with a PBX to energize the phone lines.

  • Another option would be a USB to RS232 adapter and a null modem cable that can transfer up to 115200bps, however, that depends on the Compaq Portable's RS232 jack as older machines had slower data rates on serial lines, or possibly the same.

  • How to make such a server like that?
    What is a PBX?

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    A PBX is a Private Branch Exchange. Basically it is a phone system which you can control instead of the phone company. So you could have a phone line at each desk in the company and you could call each other freely without going out to the phone company. You usually also have a trunk coming into the PBX so that you can make and receive external phone calls and there is almost always an IVR (Interactive Voice Response, it's the phone menu most people are familiar with. Press 1 for sales, Press 2 for support, etc.) system in place to direct incoming phone calls to the appropriate desks.

    Most PBX's these days are software based and provide VoIP connections to VoIP phones. But you might be able to find an analog PBX on eBay. I personally use a FreePBX VM along with an FXS gateway to provide analog phone lines that connect to the VoIP system.

    FreePBX is free and you can get an FXS gateway relatively cheaply if you don't need a lot of lines. 3CX is another choice. They have a feature limited free version which should do the job for you and it's a bit easier to use.

    Here's one new on Amazon for $90:

  • Ok, I thought a while and i think it is crap.
    So, I decided another one.
    I want to "pin" my 3 computers and 2 phones into a VOiP.
    Let's say my "inline" numbers:
    10 - computer 1 (compaq portable)
    20 - computer 2 (some winxp and amd stuff)
    30 - computer 3 (some win7, 2010 and intel stuff)
    40 - phone 1
    50 - phone 2.

    All 3 computers will have faxmodem I'll buy, and i want them receive "inline" and some "outline" faxes.
    All things (10,20,30,40,50) will have tone-dialing.

    For example:
    I'm sending a fax from computer 3 to computer 1. On Computer 1, Windows says me that I've got fax from number 30 (computer 3). I read it and do something like tiding my room (suppose that fax was sent by my parent) (i'm only 11, please don't kill my a-count :trollface: ).

    My dad wants to send fax to the IOSIBIDKW (Institution Of Something Important, But I Don't Know What). The number is probably, let's suppose, 237859290582352355253.
    Computer 2 and 3 doesn't work. So my dad decides to choose Computer 1 (Compaq Portable). My dad writes fax to number 0237859290582352355253 (see, there's a zero on the beginning of the number, so it's an outline number). And the IOSIBIDKW receives a fax [but, the fax will be seen as from number 10 (computer 1), or my real normal number?].

    So, what software should I use to:

    • send files between 10 20 30
    • send faxes between 10 20 30 and outline numbers
    • phone between 10 or 20 or 30 to 40 or 50 or some outline number

    I'm a young retro fan :smiley:

    The Computers 2 and 3 will have WLAN/LAN network access, but how can I get LAN network access on Compaq Portable?? Serial card? Please tell me :wink:

  • @CPII said:
    So, what software should I use to:

    • send files between 10 20 30
    • send faxes between 10 20 30 and outline numbers
    • phone between 10 or 20 or 30 to 40 or 50 or some outline number

    What software on ALL COMPUTERS 10, 20, 30 (1,2,3)
    Computer 1 is running DOS with Windows 3.0
    Computer 2 runs Windows XP
    Computer 3 runs Windows 7

  • Couldn't you just use a null modem between two computers? That would be a lot easier than a phone line.

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