Windows 1.0 DR 5



  • @jackjones101567

    If you mean low resolution (if it looks like the image I posted in May), there are some drivers in this BetaArchive thread.

    I don't think you can post images from product pages. It needs to be done from the forum thread. When leaving a comment, there will be an image icon on the toolbar above the comment you're typing.
  • No, it's like the picture is messed up. As you know, i'm using VGA in VMware Player, but VGA is fully compatible with EGA (which Windows Alpha has, that's how I successfully ran Windows Alpha on VMware Player, on MS-DOS 5), I mean, it is compatible with CGA, not so much. I get this picture:

  • I have never tried to run DR5 on VMware Player but I suspect there is something wrong with the driver. However, it seems to be a problem cause by VMware's imperfect VGA emulation since jb881122's patched driver works on all other emulators and hypervisors. I suggest you replace both the display and cursor routine with patched ones (if not done already). It also looks like your Windows installations are a bit messy so reinstalling from scratch could help. If it still doesn't work, install this in 86Box or PCem.
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