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  • @jackjones101567

    If you mean low resolution (if it looks like the image I posted in May), there are some drivers in this BetaArchive thread.

    I don't think you can post images from product pages. It needs to be done from the forum thread. When leaving a comment, there will be an image icon on the toolbar above the comment you're typing.
  • No, it's like the picture is messed up. As you know, i'm using VGA in VMware Player, but VGA is fully compatible with EGA (which Windows Alpha has, that's how I successfully ran Windows Alpha on VMware Player, on MS-DOS 5), I mean, it is compatible with CGA, not so much. I get this picture:

  • I have never tried to run DR5 on VMware Player but I suspect there is something wrong with the driver. However, it seems to be a problem cause by VMware's imperfect VGA emulation since jb881122's patched driver works on all other emulators and hypervisors. I suggest you replace both the display and cursor routine with patched ones (if not done already). It also looks like your Windows installations are a bit messy so reinstalling from scratch could help. If it still doesn't work, install this in 86Box or PCem.
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    I installed Windows 1.0 DR5 on VMware with ms-dos 2.11, but when I try to open Windows 1.00 DR5, it says "Boot : Unable to load mouse" and doesn't open. How can I open it? 😖:confounded:

    If I edit Windows 1.00 DR5's MOUSE.EXE to Windows 1.00 Premiere's, I only get that message.
    But if I don't edit Windows 1.00 DR5's MOUSE.EXE, I get this message too : "Boot : Can't load MOUSE.EXE"
  • @vio08
    VMware only support PS/2 mouse which DR5 does not support. Download jb881122's patch here and run a DOS PS/2 mouse driver before starting Windows. There is absolute no way you can get a Windows 2.x PS/2 mouse driver to work on DR5 since the NE format is totally different.
  • @vio08
    Also make sure you get a EGA/VGA patch as VMware does not support CGA fully.

    You can get it here:
    And I'll work on a patch so you can run the batch file which copies all the drivers for VMware on DR 5...
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    It worked!!!

    My Windows 1.00 DR5 Video

    But do I have to install Cutemouse every time I turn on ms-dos?
    And if I want to open Windows, do I have to write "kernel"?
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    If you dont want to type ctmouse everytime on startup then:
    Go to the root of the c drive. Type "edlin autoexec.bat". Press Enter. Type i1. Then type "echo off". Press ENTER. Type "path C:\;C:\WINDOWS\TEST;C:\WINDOWS\BIN". Press Enter. Type "ctmouse >nul". Press CTRL + C (two times). Then type "e". Press Enter.
    Also, you don't need to type kernel when you go do this modification. You can go to the test folder by a shortcut using "cd \windows\test". Type "mswin". It should start Windows.
  • I thought about porting an actual Windows PS/2 mouse driver to Windows 1.0 Alpha Release and DR5 but I gave up. I recompiled the PS/2 mouse driver for Alpha Release and it decided to not load MS-DOS Executive (I got it to work once but too unstable). DR5 on the other hand simply refuses to boot with my ported driver (some ordinals messed up or something).

    I have attached the DR5 port in case anyone would like to have a go at it.
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    → My Windows 1.00 DR5 Install Video ←

    I installed Windows 1.00 DR5 with MS-DOS 2.11 Toshiba.
    1. I put "CTMOUSE.EXE" in the MS-DOS Disk.
    2. I changed the "MOUSE.EXE" that is in the Windows Disk.
    3. I put the EGA Graphic files in the Windows Disk.

  • Glad it worked! :D
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    I think you can do this with Windows Alpha, but you don't have to copy a MOUSE.EXE, you only need to run CuteMouse driver. You can do a bare install of it. When it gets to the graphics selection, pick EGA. This also works in Toshiba dos.

    Also could you send me a video of you installing it?
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    Wow! Windows 1.00 Alpha works too! :blush:
    You can see my video here! (Download here)
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    @vio08 (windows alpha)
    You can run DOS applications if you include the Test folder in Windows Alpha.
    For example:
    Boot into DOS. Type "path C:\WINDOWS\TEST". Run windows and go to the root and you should be able to run a DOS application in a window.

    Screenshot down here when I get a chance :D

    OBS did not save my recording.
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    @msdos6000 Yay! Thank you for helping me! :grin:

    (+Add) Wow! Your screenshot is cool! :open_mouth::blush:
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    @vio08 i have added a screenshot :D
    and your welcome!! :D:D:D
    i'm on betaarchive!
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    Now I'm Stuck At Format Failure.
  • @MSCInside: Did you not install DOS first?
  • I give up, this system is TOO HARD for me to install. I wish there was an updated version of this tutorial.
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    Use MSDOS 2.11 For Windows 1.00 DR5. You can betawiki arcle for Windows 1.00 DR5
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    @MCSInside If you're using VMware and having problems, you can see my video! :

    I used MS-DOS 2.11 Toshiba OEM, Windows 1.00 Developer Release 5, EGAHIBW.CIN, EGAHIBW.DIN, CTMOUSE.EXE, and edited MOUSE.EXE!
    The file is here :, and it works!!!
  • Video removed by uploader...
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    I modified the video! :

    I used MS-DOS 2.11 Toshiba OEM, Windows 1.00 Developer Release 5, EGAHIBW.CIN, EGAHIBW.DIN, CTMOUSE.EXE, and edited MOUSE.EXE!
    The file is here :, and it works!!!
  • More memories... someone gave me the disks for this back in the day.. I remember running it and thinking...'yes but whats the use. I still can only run one DOS box.'. Multitasking did eventuate... I think it was DR DOS (driven by Int 8 calls haha).
  • I tried it. It works on VMware, but in black and white
  • I Just found a pdf file that can recreate Windows Development release 4 if somebody just recreates the disks by using this document, DR4 is possible. it may not work like the ACTUAL dr4 but it may be a close recreation.:
  • finally, managed to install win 1 dr with ms dose 5.00. next try to install win 1 alpha, hope it works.
  • @Menie8888 @mswin_bat is working on Windows Development releases recreation

  • @johnlennon364 hmhm, By the way. Is this early development of the DR4 recreation Or some Program to recreate it so far?
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