[Offer] Was cleaning up some old boxes, found some old software

No idea if you already have this stuff, you probably do. But if there is something you dont have, give me a shout, and tell me how to upload it, and I will do so.

What I found is the following.


Microsoft Digital Dashboard Starter Kit and 60 minute Intranet Kit october 1999 (English version)
Yes that is the title on the cd. It also says it apparently also contains Microsoft FrontPage 2000 and Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit.

Microsoft Home Essentials 97 (Dutch version)
Contains Word 97, Works 4.0, Money 97 etc.

StarOffice version 4.0 (English? and German? I think? Has both on cd)

MSDN Library with Visual Studio 6.0 (English version, cd1 and cd2)

Microsoft Oceans
I think its like an aquarium program? Can't remember.

Virtual Safari

Dr.Windows Genuine
Just various software for windows like Applications, ATM, Business, Communications, Databases, Games etc etc

Combat simulator (Whatever that may be)

Twilight 47 2

Navy Strike by The White Label

Freddy Fish

Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

Windows 98 starts here (Dutch Version)

As for floppys (Well stiffys really) I have: (not sure if they still work, dont have a computer with a floppy drive atm)

Alone in the Dark 2 from januari 1994

Supervoice Video Mail version:0408/april1999

310k pixels USB Camera Driver Diskette Rev.:V3/april 1999

Mitsumi Mouse Driver version 6.0

S3 765 win3.1 win95 nt35 1driver

S3 Virge/DX Win3.1 Drivers and Utilities

Isa Ethernet Adapter NE2000 Compatible

Ethernet Card for PCI NE2000 Compatible

Micro Race and Floatris (Dutch Version)

PCI-44 Driver

Virtual Pilot Pro 2.01 from 1993

FSIOL-GS1 32-bit Smart Driver
I have no idea either, but it says it contains the following files.
CL32D.SYS Software Device Driver for MS DOS
CL32W.386 Virtual Device Driver for WINDOW
README Installation Guide

Logitech Mouseware Utilities 6.34 Multilingual Enhanced for Windows

Colorado Backup tape backup software for DOS PN 0173 ver 2.54
1987-92 Colorado Memory Systems. Inc.

I agree, it looks like a lot of junk, but you never know, there may just be someone out there who recognizes something and would like to have a copy. Just tell me what to do, and how to do it, and I will send you a copy.

Remember I am an old fart, so not that fast anymore. But be patient, and we will get there in the end.

Kind regards


  • Microsoft Oceans is one of the many 90s Microsoft education titles. There's lots of good stuff, especially on the twilight CD (only disc 1 of 2 of release 47 is on archive.org). It may be modified and cracked warez but those discs are the only way to find some rare late '90s software.

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