DR-DOS 6.x

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DR-DOS 6.x

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  • Digital Research DR-DOS 6.0 (5.25-360k) is not genuine. It's from some warez site and does not include INSTALL.EXE and SSTORDRV.SYS

    Although that's version from April 7, 1992 which is needed fro Windows 3.1 compatibility - but probably better to use genuine Digital Research DR-DOS 6.0 (3.5-720k) plus updates DR6UP2.EXE (April 7, 1992), UT1192.EXE (November 5, 1992), EMSHDL.EXE (December 16, 1992), MAR_UPD.ZIP (March 19, 1993) from old-dos. They are included in 3 MB version of DR-DOS 6.0 here:

  • Nuts, and there was a 360k set on ebay a while back: https://www.ebay.com/itm/273475770334?nma=true&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc

    Apparently the 360k version was a special order item.

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    Yes, at least this is Not genuine.
    Also actual size of the image from old-dos.ru seems to be 360KB.

  • There are two versions on old-dos.ru: one with 360K images (the same broken/warez one as here) and one with just files in arhcive. But version with just files, while definitely not genuine, includes also DR DOS upgrades needed to support Windows 3.1 and Windows 3.11: upgrades from 3-27-1992 for Windows 3.1 support and upgrades from 3-19-1993 for Windows 3.11

    These were apparently distibuted on ftp, but said ftp is long gone thus it's probably good idea to store them here.

  • Looked more closely on 5.25-360k version. All files which are present look genuine (except for readme.txt which clearly says that it's warez). One exception is command.com: it's different from original one by about two dozen bytes and it's very easy to see why: when it starts is says "Sonytrol Corporation". That message in put on top of the other message in original version of DR DOS:
    <--OEM copyright starts before the arrow, +must be ASCIIZ with new line.
    Thus we could conclude that while these disks are not genuine... files ARE genuine and they should give you usable, Windows 3.1 compatible, 3-27-1992 version of DR DOS 6.0

  • Thanks so much for preserving this ! I ran DR-DOS 6.0 in the early to late 1990's. It ran great and allowed my old 286 to do smooth task switching. Compatibility was pretty darn good. IIRC: There might have been some issues with CGA emulation on my Hercules card and some games, but I overcame that with a CGA monitor to switch out with my TTL Monochrome (my 286 supported both). This was an excellent "DOS" with tons of features. In fact, with this and Norton Commander, I never bothered with MS-DOS 6.x nor Windows until later.

  • Here's another set of 720k floppies archived from my originals back in 2001. It also includes a March 1993 update.

    These were originally bought to set up a network at the day job around 1992 as they came free with a copy of Personal Netware. Unfortunately PN wasn't suitable so we ended up having to set up a proper Netware server running 3.12!

    Here are some pics of the enclosed documentation - no manual just quick start and quick reference guides.

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    Thanks very much for attach the (12/06/91) version of DR-DOS 6.0

    I wonder the dumped size seems to be overdumped,
    if you can dump it by Teledisk or ImageDisk again, thanks.

    P.S. Your Disk 2 (UTILS_1) seems have bad sectors on blanked area.

  • @ibmpc5150 said:
    Thanks very much for attach the (12/06/91) version of DR-DOS 6.0

    I wonder the dumped size seems to be overdumped,
    if you can dump it by Teledisk or ImageDisk again, thanks.

    P.S. Your Disk 2 (UTILS_1) seems have bad sectors on blanked area.

    Interesting. I've made another copy using ImgDisk - see what you think. I may have another set of original disks somwhere.

  • Got any photos/scans of the disks?

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    @SomeGuy said:
    Got any photos/scans of the disks?

    To follow as they're not here.

    In the meantime I found another set, this time Novell branded. My original post was from a set of Digital Research branded disks I dumped in 2001.

    Here's the dump and a few pics. Unfortunately the Netware lite disk is missing from this set.

  • Great!

    I also have same version of it.
    Now I can verify disk content thanks to your help.

  • I need the dr-dos 6.0 but in spanish

  • i have the spanish release of dr-dos 6.0
  • I have the 360k diskette version of Novell DR DOS 6.0 (4/92) which includes the 2 update diskettes. Used DD in OpenSuSE 10.3 to make the images.
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    I also have Germany version of DR-DOS 6.0 (360KB) (10/91) that is already dumped by me.
    I'll upload it soon.
  • Wow- I ran this on 80286 hardware and loved it for the task-switching. Made a 286 really shine. I had zero interest when MS-DOS 6.0 came out because I felt it had less features than I already had.
  • Would you please delete "Digital Research DR DOS 6.0 (10-16-1991) (3.5-720k)"?

    I offered this on 5 years ago.


    But I found that Disk 1 / Disk 4 has modifed dumped by me.

    So please delete this from WinWorld.


    Again, this of Disk 1 and 4 are Not dumped from original media correctly.
  • Digital Research DR DOS 6.0 (12-6-1991) (3.5-720k) is now verified.
    I also got same diskette of it.

    I completed all retail version of DR-DOS 6.0 with 5.25" 2HD / 3.5" 2DD format.
    But it is very hard to find 3.5" 2HD version and 5.25" 2D version.
  • I have a copy of DR-DOS 6.0 new in the box that I just opened. It’s 4/92 720K floppies. The labeling on the box makes me wonder if there are 3.5” HD versions, at least retail. On the back of the box it says 1.2MB and you can send a coupon for 360K, but for 3.5 it doesn’t mention any options, and my box with a 3.5” sticker on to comes with no coupon. If there are 1.44MB disks maybe they are OEM only?

  • @jafir

    Perhaps, 1.44MB media type of DR-DOS 6.0 was available via mail order from retail or OEM.
    04/97/1992 of DR-DOS 6.0 (3.5" 720KB) is verified.
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