Battlefield Vietnam DRM Blocking on Windows 7?

So with the new security patch for Windows 7/8/10 that blocks SafeDisc/SecuRom DRM, what are my options for using these discs? I have considered uninstalling that certain update on my computer, however I don't really know if it'll do anything else that's negative to my PC other than allow me to play my games OK. I bought a copy of Battlefield Vietnam at an antique store for 4 bucks, and I knew the problems with DRM and stuff, but $4 was a steal. Is there any current fix for my Windows 7 PC that can disable this DRM blocking software? My options here are thin. I can download a NoCD crack, but I'm just not risking it. I could turn the CDs into ISOs, but I don't really know if that would solve the problem. Has anyone ever tried to fix this and managed to play their games, or will I have to buy it off GOG or the Steam Store?


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