Rules and Regulations

Welcome to WinBoards!

While you are here, the following rules and guidelines are to be understood and followed:


1) No spamming or unwanted advertising on the boards.
1a) Do not harvest IM / email names from WinBoards and send users obscene / harassing messages.
2) No flaming. If you have an issue to settle, Email, PM, or IM.
3) If you have problems with something an administrator did, Email WinWorld, or PM another Administrator. flaming, attacking, or starting or trying to start a firefight are NOT permitted.
4) If anyone with special privileges (Mod, Administrator, etc) uses an insecure password, they will be demoted or locked out until they can explain themselves and be issued a new, more secure password.
5) Please try to refrain from making posts or replies that have absolutely no bearing on the subject or have no value at all.
6) Do NOT impersonate another use by using their avatar, signature, name, or other identifying marks either for amusement or deception. Parodies and suchlike may be posted, but not used.
7) NEVER try to evade bans. If you take exception to it, IM or Email an Administrator with a civil discussion. Attempting to circumvent it will just result in an even longer ban.
8) Do not post "LOL, LMAO, :P, :D" or anything else that could be considered uncontributing or useless to a certain extent.

Also, don't post some token text after an emoticon just to get around this rule. For example:
O, I guess I should say something else...

Repeated breaking of these rules will result in demotion/privlege stripping/banning.


These guidelines are not absolutely rules, but good ideas

1) Please do not use large images, links, or other non-reducable content in your signatures or posts, they slow page loading, strain the server, and can make the page twice as long on a low resolution monitor. If your starting a thread on/about a large image(s), please indicate so in the topic (eg. screenshots [LARGE images!].
2) When starting a new topic, try to describe the content of your post (EG. Windows is broken!). This helps us all to know what's coming and keeps the place on a semi even keel.
3) Do NOT go pestering the adminstrators/mods for special privleges/preferential treatment. This is EXTREMELY annoying.
4) Please use Razz, 'owned', and l33t sp33k sparingly. They should not become replacements for good written communication.
5) Keep support requests on topic.
6) Do not link using a deceptive description (eg. linking to or a scam with a link that says "My picture" or "Click here for my site/SigX').
7) Post count threads (EG. "I have 1000 posts!") can only be posted in "Random Crap" You should only post one of these threads for:

a) your 100th post
b) your 500th or 666th post
c) your 1000th post or your 1337th post
d) and your every other thousandth post

8) If a post of yours is deleted (For whatever reason), do NOT repost it. It'll just get deleted again and annoy the staff.

This post will be edited by the administrators now and then to add new rules, if you have problems with any of them, email us at
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