Was there a 720kb or 360kb Windows 95 version?

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Yes, I know that there was only 1,44-3,5 and CD version available from store, if you wanted other you must write a letter to Microsoft Mail Order.
I know also that there was a version of 1,2-5,25 Windows 95 version.

But, I want to know: was a version of 3,5-720 or even 5,25-360 of Windows 95?
I know that my cousin's dad got the 720 (PROBABLY) version because his drive wasnt HD-available and he just wanted the DD disks, but I can't verify that this's the truth. And how many floppy disks does the Windows 95 (720/360kb) have?

Windows 95 Upgrade on 1,2 disks:
(12 "")

Windows 95 on normal 1,44 disks:
(144 "")

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