Windows 1.01 Tandy 2000 OEM Found

It was uploaded to this github repo by a kind person (thank you!).

There are six disk images included; one is the driver disk itself, the rest appear to be Zenith's release of Windows 1.01 with Tandy drivers applied. Generally, any PC-compatible release of Windows 1.0(1) should work with the Tandy drivers, so which one you use is up to you. I tried updating retail 1.01 and it went fine. The batch files (see below) basically remove existing PC-compatible drivers and some OS components from the disks and copy Tandy 2000-compatible ones instead.

So what does the driver disk contain? Let's see:

T2000.BAT: this batch file will convert your PC-compatible release of Windows 1.0 to a Tandy-2000 compatible one using two floppy drives.
T2000HD.BAT: this one will do it by using your 2000's hard disk drive as a temporary drive instead. However, it will only use the A: floppy drive, meaing you'll have to constantly switch back and forth between Windows and Tandy driver disks to get the job done. So the floppy-only procedure is actually faster.
BUILD\MSDOST.EXE: "Windows MSDOS Machine Dependent for Tandy 1000/1200/2000/3000". This is renamed to MSDOSD.EXE during the copy procedure.
BUILD\T20COLOR.GRB: grabber file for Tandy 2000's Color Graphics Option
BUILD\T20COLOR.LGO: logo file for the Color Graphics Option. Appears to be a rather standard 1.01 bootscreen, though it has this peculiar string "by LSD" near the start of the file.
BUILD\T20MONO.GRB: grabber file for Tandy 2000's Monochrome Graphics Card
BUILD\T20MONO.LGO: logo file for the Monochrome Graphics Card. I assume it is visually identical to the Color logo.
BUILD\TANOLDAP.MOD: "Microsoft Windows Old Application Support Module for Tandy 2000". This is renamed to WINOLDAP.MOD during the copy procedure.
PIF: this folder contains several PIF files that I assume are specific to the Tandy 2000. They're not copied by the batch file though and must be applied manually.
SETUP\SETUPT20: Setup program. Gets renamed to SETUP.EXE during the copy procedure.
SETUP\T20COLOR.DRV: "Tandy 2000 with Color Graphics Option"
SETUP\T20COMM.DRV: "Commmunications module for Tandy 2000"
SETUP\T20MONO.DRV: "Tandy 2000 with Monochrome Graphics Card"
SETUP\TANKEYB.DRV: "U.S. Keyboard module for Tandy 1000/2000"
SETUP\TANMOUSE.DRV: "Mouse module for Tandy 1000/1200/2000/3000 Digi-Mouse"
SETUP\TANSOUND.DRV: "Sound module for Tandy 1000/2000"
SETUP\TANSYSTM.DRV: "System configuration module for Tandy 1000/1200/2000/3000"
UTILITY\TANDWP.DRV: "Tandy DW" I assume this is a driver for Tandy's daisywheel printer
UTILITY\TANLORES.DRV: "Tandy Low Resolution" I assume this is a driver for Tandy's low resolution printer
As you can see, some of the drivers also reference later Tandy models, which were PC-compatible. So these drivers probably appeared on Tandy's PC-compatible OEM release of Windows 1.0 (Tandy catalog number "90-0476") too.

Unfortunately, I don't know of any emulator that could emulate the 2000 well enough to run DOS and Windows. So for now, we can only hope someone with an actual 2000 will try this and publish the results.

Source 1.01

Download Link 1.01/Windows


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