The download count glitch

I really, really hate the download counter!!! There is only 1 mirror in Windows 2000 SP3 OEM. But what now? "Service Not Available".
The problem is, I only downloaded 3 times and it's counting to 11! Pay me back now!


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    I've had no download count issues after downloading 3 items.

    I didn't try win2k SP3 but I did download other stuff from Ricky and it's working.

    We've lost a few trailer park boys in recent months it appears.

    I guess if there's some sort of error when attempting to download something it counts as a download. But 25 is more than plenty :)

  • Try waiting. Rapidly clicking the button will cause it to go up.

  • Some download accelerators might bump up the number too. Basically, any time the connection fails and is re-started that will bump up the count.

    Unfortunately there is no great way for the server to make sure the download succeeds before increasing the count.

    That does mean that during high server or internet traffic, you may click on a mirror link, the download will time out or fail, and the count will go up anyway. If you hit your browsers stop button or go to another page before a time out occurs, it still increases the count.

    There is not much we can do about that right now.

  • IDA by westbyte increases it two at a time but i figured it's because my accelerator works by making multiple connections

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