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    @Windows_98_official, MS-DOS 6.22 works on QEMU
  • I really didn't know "Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 Supplemental Kit (5.25-360k)" was uploaded on 2020.

    I had no way to change 5.25" of it.
    But I decided to make disk image with information of file listing from Microsoft in 2017

    I compared my disk image (self-made) with uploaded one.
    Wow, all SHA1 are identical with original dumped disk.

    I also made diskimage "Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 Supplemental Kit (3.5-720k)" in 2019

    (3.5" of diskimage was already identical with original dumped disk.)

  • I search for a y2k Update Upgrade for MS-DOS and WIndows 3.1x German and English and euro Symbol Update?
  • I was lucky to get the 5.25" 1.2MB of MS-DOS 6.22 supplement disk.
    It was very rare media of it.
  • Why don't you give me a Chinese version?
  • Hello, I'm trying to install MS-DOS on a Proxmox VM but despite converting the .img files to .iso, I couldn't boot a VM. I just have a warning that there's no bootble device. Any thought?
  • IMG files are floppy disk images, not CD-ROMs. Configure your emulator so it has a floppy "A" drive, configure it to boot from the floppy drive, and point it to a floppy disk image.
  • Unfortunately Proxmox does not support floppy disks. I had to install in VirtualBox and move the HDD to Proxmox (
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    My 386SX Virtual machine running ms-dos 6.22 is not doing good right now. it installed fine but after rebooting ms-dos 6.22 the next day it was trying to look for a a: bootable floppy. I don't know but i possibly could've forgot the command "sys c:" after installtion.
  • Anyone has a 6.22 non-upgrade for english?
  • A few years ago, I manually created a disk image using the MS-DOS 6.22 Supplemental Disk files in the order known to the dump, referring to the File Listing released by Microsoft. Coincidentally, the 5.25" and 3.5" disk images I created manually were later purchased. It was 100% identical to the dump from the original Supplement Disk.

    When I created the disk image, I did not create it roughly and made it based on various information to make it as identical as possible to the original dump, but I was surprised that it matched like this.
    No matter how much I wanted to get the 5.25" inch, I couldn't get it, but at the right time,
    Verification and comparison were possible thanks to the data dumped by someone.
  • I have downloaded the 3.5" English setup disks several times. I have formatted disks and used RawWrite to write the image files to the disks. I even tried putting all of the files onto a bootable CD. I cannot for the life of me get past the first disk. Once it prompts for Setup Disk #2, it will never accept any disks I put in. Am I making the disks incorrectly?
  • If you exit setup, can you see the appropriate files and volume label on Disk 2's directory?
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    I found out on another site that the Disks must be labeled "DISK______1", "DISK______2" and etc. (I used _ in lieu of " " because the extra spaces were dropped in the comment.) However, I formatted my disk 2 and 3 setting those as labels. I then opened the .img files in 7zip and copied to the disks. Worked like a charm.
  • You should never open IMG files with a file compression manager like 7zip, Winrar, or Winzip. Often they will wind up opening some compressed file inside the disk image instead, not showing you what you want. They don't deal with volume labels, and can lose other subtle details like file order.

    Normally, you should extract the archive, then open and write the IMG files to a disk using a tool like WinImage.
  • "I have formatted disks and used RawWrite to write the image files to the disks"
    "I found out on another site that the Disks must be labeled "DISK______1", "DISK______2" and etc."

    Do believe you are overthinking this. For schitz & giggles, just downloaded "Microsoft MS-DOS 6.22 Plus Enhanced Tools (3.5)" from Winworld.

    A quick check with WinImage shows each img file already has the correct volume label.

    WinImage works. That's why so many use it.
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